Vick moves to Phase Two of concussion recovery

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For relationships, Phase Two involves extra toothbrushes, increased phone call frequency, and walking around naked.

For the concussion-recovery process, Phase Two entails none of those.  Unless the doctor assigned to the case doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

Per Reuben Frank of, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick has progressed to Phase Two.  Vick is now cleared for exercise.  To get there, he had to pass the ImPACT test, which measures brain activity before and after a concussion.

Vick has yet to be cleared to practice or play in a game.  This makes it unlikely that he’ll play on Monday night against the Panthers.  However, Vick has not yet been ruled out.

Final clearance must come from an independent neurologist.

15 responses to “Vick moves to Phase Two of concussion recovery

  1. I keep telling people watch out for preseason hall of famers,those four games can be misleading. Foles struggled against the redskins. There is a massive difference between playing the 1st team and backups. Same with Blaine Garbage,i’m sure the jag fans were optimistic about his play this year after the preseason

  2. Not to get cute, but to get a before and after, doesn’t there have to be some record of brain activity before the concussion?

    Does this mean every player in the NFL now has a “before” picture of their brain in a file somewhere?

  3. Vick should be smart and hang up his cleats. He has probably already done long term damage to his brain and he is only putting himself at further risk by continuing to play, especially behind that O-line. For the good of his long term health I hope he gives consideration to what he is risking with the next big blow to his head.

  4. At least he (unlike his dogs) has the opportunity to recover. There is no fate that is too awful for this sociopathic, sick individual who would most certainly still be running a dog fighting ring if he hadn’t been caught.
    Anyone who believes that he is sorry for anything other than the fact that he got caught is mistaken and anyone who supports him is as sick as he is.

  5. Can someone explain how karma works? If you wish ill will on someone are you actually wishing it upon yourself? Or does it never apply to posters on this site. Just curious.

  6. That may be true tigrrr, so how does karma work with him winding back up in the league and after Philly releases him somebody else will sign him. What part of karma is that?

  7. He is slowy recovering and feeling much better tonight. It was a good sign to see him up and around and he even asked about possibly attending a dog fight this weekend.

  8. i really hope we dont see him under center anymore for the Eagles. Theres really no point. We’ve seen the best he has to offer and that was two years ago already. Keep the kid in and lets find out what we’ve got.

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