Chargers shut out Ravens in first half


Both quarterbacks have been under massive amounts of pressure in the first half of the Ravens-Chargers game in San Diego, but Philip Rivers has been able to keep it at bay long enough to put 10 points on the board for the Chargers.

That’s good enough for a 10-0 lead after 30 minutes as the Ravens offense appears to have missed the team’s flight to California. Joe Flacco has completed 8-of-16 passes for just 59 yards and he’s been sacked three times by a Chargers defense that’s played very well thus far. Rookie right tackle Kelechi Osemele has been a particular standout on the negative side of things as Chargers pass rushers keep passing him by as if he wasn’t even on the field.

The Ravens have picked up just 90 yards overall on 32 plays and have four third-down conversions to thank for allowing them to hold onto the ball long enough to keep the score from looking worse. It’s close enough that the Ravens aren’t more than a couple of plays from taking the lead, but the way they are protecting Flacco and the production of the throws Flacco is able to make doesn’t say much for their chances of making that happen.

Rivers has been dropped four times by the Ravens defense, but he’s had more success when given any time at all to make a throw. He’s 11-of-18 for 148 yards, including a 21-yard touchdown pass to Malcolm Floyd and key completions to Danario Alexander and Antonio Gates that set up a Nick Novak field goal. Rivers also hasn’t turned the ball over, which is an essential part of the recipe that the Chargers have taken to the lead.

9 responses to “Chargers shut out Ravens in first half

  1. Come on Flacco. The Ravens are my team, and if you’re going to call yourself elite you should put some actions behind those words.

  2. What is that smell? Oh ok I know what it is . A very frequent raven troll has a load in his diapers. You all know who, but does it matter. The delusional fans of the cravens think the season is over and the tee shirt boys have won the Super Bowl because every one is afraid of their awesome team that has scored a whopping 13 points in the last six quarters. Please put the cool aid down rat bird fans you are the worst 8-2 team in recent memory. Your history of folding in January is ….pathetic.. And this year will be no different . Have a nice day you losers.

  3. “Can’t figure out Flacco. Amazing at home, lackluster on the road. MInd-boggling.”
    He’s average, just admit it. Enjoy the AFCN title, that’s the only title you will win with “Just an Average Joe” at quaterback.

  4. Haters gonna hate. Enjoy your loss to the lowly brownies. I’ll take a lackluster win with my average joe.

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