Jonathan Vilma riled up about Gregg Williams’ power play

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On Saturday night, we pointed out that former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams may be hinging his potential testimony in the upcoming bounty appeal hearing on the league’s willingness to move his reinstatement hearing from February to December.

The article caught the attention of Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma.

“‘Reinstate me in [December] or I wont testify’ and now we have Gregg’s incentive to lie,” Vilma says on Twitter.  “Boom.  Too easy.”

Vilma already isn’t happy about the likelihood that Williams and former Saints assistant Mike Cerullo will testify when Vilma won’t be available to attend in person, given that the Saints play in Atlanta on Thursday night.  And it’s much more than Vilma having a chance to stare them down when they utter things he regards as untrue.  Vilma is in unique position to give his lawyer, Peter Ginsberg, information about follow-up questions and other strategies in response to things the witnesses say, since Vilma not Ginsberg lived the events.  Ginsberg and Vilma have every right to insist that they testify when Vilma can be present.

Regardless, one thing remains clear — Vilma remains very motivated to vindicate himself.

28 responses to “Jonathan Vilma riled up about Gregg Williams’ power play

  1. Vilma was expecting to have something to say to the hearing officer when he is represented by an attorney? Shut it and play ball Vilma.

  2. It seems to me the NFL has done everything they can at every juncture of this situation to spin things in their favor and against that of any of the accused. It’s crazy to me people are still drinking the NFL Kool-Aid when the league refuses to do anything with any unbias or transparency. You can’t honestly tell me they didn’t calculate Vilma playing into the date of the hearing, and that anyone is going to believe Williams after him being forced by the NFL to testify to save his job. This is a true kangaroo court.

  3. Who says Vilma can’t be there? Nothing is *making* him miss work.

    If I get a speeding ticket do you think the judge will adjust my court time to argue my case so I don’t have to miss work?

    As all these players are so fond of saying…”It’s a business”. It is? Ok, so be it…take a day off from work and come to “court” like any other business worker.

  4. The only court that says that the NFL is wrong are the ones in Louisiana. and we all now how fine and upstanding that state’s judicial system is…….

  5. The whole thing’s a mess. Goodell has done some great things but he couldn’t be more wrong about this one. I guess he’s “all in” on this bounty crap and feels like he can’t walk away now. In the end he’s trying to protect the league from lawsuits but doing it in a bad way.

  6. to baghead, the only thing that would please you is if the nfl declared the aints the sb champs for the next 20 years and that bounties were/are legal for the aints to have. oh wait, vilma would bi ch that it wasn’t 21

  7. The football’s like a one-man cold to Clifford Franklin. Clifford Franklin’s the only man catchin’ it, Clifford Franklin’s the only man comin’ down wit it.

  8. eaglelover1 says:
    Nov 25, 2012 9:56 AM
    The only court that says that the NFL is wrong are the ones in Louisiana. and we all now how fine and upstanding that state’s judicial system is…….

    My guess as to why other courtrooms around the country have not said the NFL is wrong is because this case isn’t in other courtrooms around the country.

  9. There is a notion that there is no way Tagliabue will rule against the NFL and when he compelled Cerullo and Williams to appear I thought things were on the up and up.

    But if they all can’t be there at the same time, Cerullo in front of Willams and the players and vice versa, it could easily turn into a he said she said.

    Why not arrange for all parties to stand face to face and at the same time and place on this issue? I was disappointed to discover each will be heard individually.

  10. eaglelover1 says:
    Nov 25, 2012 9:56 AM
    The only court that says that the NFL is wrong are the ones in Louisiana. and we all now how fine and upstanding that state’s judicial system is…….

    Oh, coming from someone in Philadelphia….

    But regardless, you do understand what a Federal Court is, don’t you? You should wikipedia it.

  11. Yes, donnymack, any reasonable judge would try to schedule your appearance if you only worked 16 days per year. You see, he would recognize the situation and adjust if he could. And, you would probably benefit from a judge with no ax to grind, something it seems is missing with you. Maybe you missed MF’s comment about Vilma being there to assist his attorney “on the spot”. It really does matter, and good old roger and friends know that, too.

  12. First I’m not a poker player but Williams play is the only one on the table, try and deal for a deal before you testify again.
    The NFL on the other hand has their hand to play too. Don’t testify and we will never lift your suspension.

    Word is Williams is being considered for a consultant position in the NFL but away from team activities. He cannot be hired period until his suspension is lifted.

    This is an easy one. The NFL will NOT lift his suspension if he testifies just because of what Vilma is accusing. IF they did that someone could say he lied to get his job back.

    Mr Williams knows he isn’t getting his suspension lifted until he cooperates. That’s the pot in the middle of the table.

  13. Oh just let GWilliams back in, unsuspend everyone, and make em all wear a shirt with the scarlet letter. Enough of this!

  14. Vilma is entitled to his own opinion – just like everyone posting their opinion on this article – don’t like it? Don’t read it.

  15. Indeed, as motivated as Gregg Williams. Undoubtedly, if both value their profession over the truth, one of them will lie, and we will not have any great way to know for certain which one.

  16. It’s difficult for me to understand why the NFL appears to need to do every subversive, questionable move with this case. If there is clear evidence, why can’t they find a day that works for Vilma? It’s the guy’s career. He deserves more respect than this. I think this is sad.

  17. The problem IMHO is that if Vilma did what he is accused of his only play is to bully and force every issue he can. If he didn’t do it then of course he’s going to be upset about it and stare down those who’ve lied about it.

    We know as fans something happened due to the video released, but what and who are a bit cloudy. If you we’re running a bounty system it has to have coach AND player involvement. Who was the player who led the other players?

  18. Vilma is guilty- the NCAA is going after him for the same thing at Miami!! Not only that – they told him to testify or his “beloved” U will be found guilty.

    Guess what- he isn’t testifying!!!

    Guilty !!!

  19. The NFL is fighting this in the CBA and the CBA-approved processes that they and the NFLPA agreed to; Vilma is fighting this in the press. If this was going on in any other arena of public view, who would people think is actually guilty?

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