Auburn fans dream of luring Jeff Fisher from the Rams


Would Jeff Fisher quit the St. Louis Rams after less than one year to become the head coach at Auburn? No, but some Auburn fans are dreaming about it.

A story on the Auburn coaching search in the Ledger-Enquirer says that Fisher is one of the big names that keeps popping up in discussions about who could replace the fired coach Gene Chizik.

Fisher just took over the Rams this year and has made progress while building for the future with a young roster and a franchise that has stockpiled future draft picks. He has never coached in college and never shown any interest in leaving the NFL, and his $7 million salary is twice what Auburn was paying Chizik.

So why on earth would any Auburn fan think Fisher would go there? The hope Auburn fans cling to is that Auburn sophomore safety Trent Fisher is Jeff’s son, and maybe Jeff would want to coach his kid.

It’s not the most outlandish theory we’ve ever heard in a coaching search. But it’s not going to happen.

7 responses to “Auburn fans dream of luring Jeff Fisher from the Rams

  1. I hope that Fisher doesn’t leave for a long time. he has givien the Rams confidence they hacent had in a while. and for once fans are actually excited to look at the outcomes of the game. no more no scoring blowouts!

  2. Jeff Fisher is not leaving the Rams after just one season.He’s getting $7 mil,he won’t get that in college.He has an owner(Kroenke) that is not meddling,lets him be the guy in football decisions.and he has a rising GM in Les Snead who has given the Rams a boatload of future draft picks.

  3. I had an interview for a graduate program at Auburn a couple of decades ago. One of the professors I interviewed with said “Here at Auburn, we’re trying to build academic programs that the football team can take pride in.”

    So it really wouldn’t surprise me (or that professor) if we were to find out Fisher gets offered a record amount of money to go and coach the Tigers next year.

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