Giants roll out three-safety look


With safety Stevie Brown playing well in the absence of safety Kenny Phillips and Antrel Rolle also playing safety, the Giants were faced with a conundrum on Sunday, when Phillips returned from a knee injury that had knocked him out for nearly two months.

The Giants came up with an outside-the-box solution.  According to Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News, Rolle returned to the cornerback position, where he initially played after entering the league as a first-round pick of the Cardinals in 2005.

Covering Packers receiver Randall Cobb, Rolle held the up-and-coming star to four catches.

“One thing I like more than safety and my own goals is winning,” Rolle said.   “So whatever it takes to win, that is what I am going to do.  I like the role.”
The three-safety look may not last long.  Phillips injured his knee again on Sunday, and Rolle said Tuesday that he was in Miami getting treatment on his own knee.
Still, when all three safeties are healthy, look for the Giants to use them.

10 responses to “Giants roll out three-safety look

  1. Could we please get an a-hole Redskins fan in here to comment please. No NFC East article is complete without one.

  2. As long as Eli isn’t wearing his SB rings I think his arm will have enough strength to pick apart that horrid foreskins D.
    Also JPP Osi And Tuck are going to drill that lil twerp of a QB into the dirt over and over and over just like we do.

  3. This isn’t exactly a new thing for the Giants. They played a lot of 3 safety sets the past couple of years both with Rolle filling in covering the slot receiver and Deion Grant as linebacker.

  4. The most complete D wins this game. Yes, the Giants could hardly get an arm around Rogers when he was out of the pocket. So Robert will defiantly burn the Giants there, but the Giants corners and safeties are very capable of shutting things down field. If that happens, there is not way the Skins D can keep up with the Giants Offense nor stop the pass rush and run defense.

  5. If KP plays the 3 safety D is a good one, just ask GB and they have a better offense then the Skins. This game will be close but in the end the Giants are the better team and they will win.

  6. giants actually even ran a 4 safety look at one point w Will Hill, Brown, Rolle and Phillips… easily my favorite package of theirs, hope they stay healthy enough to use it. Hosley is a sufficient replacement slot defender but those 4 can cover, ball hawk, blitz, tackle well and defend the run inside the box.

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