Low-cost tickets available to Cardinals-Jets game

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As the Jets prepare to try to turn their season around by beating the Cardinals (or at least by not running into the buttocks of any of their teammates), anyone inclined to watch the game in person will be able to do so fairly cheaply.

According to CBS New York, tickets are available on StubHub for as low as $18 dollars.

As New York goes, that’s pretty cheap.  It’s a large pot of coffee from room service, without the service charge or mandatory gratuity (which, of course, makes it not a gratuity).

Per the report, more than 7,500 tickets are currently available.  Presumably, those tickets already have been sold by the team.  It’s unknown whether the Jets have any unsold non-premium tickets.

At their current pace, they eventually will.

9 responses to “Low-cost tickets available to Cardinals-Jets game

  1. $18 to see a team full of overpaid Jets still seems way too expensive to me. I just look at economics differently, if I was a Jets fan I would maybe go there if it was $1.80, but any more than that is unacceptable given that they haven’t earned the money they already have been paid. I think teams that fail at winning shouldn’t charge anything for tickets unless they can earn it or prove they deserve the money first.

    There should be higher accountability for the team to perform, or slashed profits for ownership and reduced salaries for mngmt and players. They are in arrears at this point and should be giving money back right now, not being entitled to collect more revenue.

    Yeah I know I’m crazy and I believe the value of a dollar should be appreciated and respected and earned appropriately.

  2. If you want to see a bunch of clowns run around and into things, wait for Barnum & Bailey to come to town. Much more entertaining.

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