Mike Munchak says no more coaching changes this season


The first fallout from Titans owner Bud Adams’ close evaluation of the Titans and their coaching staff came this week when the team fired offensive coordinator Chris Palmer.

With the defense currently ranked 29th in yards allowed and 31st in points allowed, it’s fair to wonder if Palmer’s departure is just the start of changes to the rest of the staff. That might be the case, but Titans coach Mike Munchak said that defensive coordinator Jerry Gray and the rest of the team’s assistants will be on the job for the rest of the season.

“I am not planning on it,” Munchak said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I don’t see any changes on the defensive side of the ball at all going forward. There won’t be any more changes the rest of the year.”

There’s not likely to be any change to the coaching staff that’s going to radically change the picture for Munchak or the Titans at this season. Whatever complaints anyone might have about the coaching staff, you don’t lose five games by over 20 points simply because of issues with coaches so firing a few of them shouldn’t suffice to enact the kind of change Adams said he wanted to see when he put the team on notice a few weeks ago.

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  1. Only the thirstiest kool-aid drinkers believed the Titans were a 10-win team or something before the season.

    But they DO have enough talent — including returning players from the 9-7 team — that they have no business looking so out-of-sync and lackluster on both sides of the ball on their way to five blow-out losses, plus losing all three division games in a weakened AFC South so far. That IS about coaching.

    Loggains has earned his shot on offense. Apparently the defensive staff has no rising stars as assistants so they’re stuck with Gray for now.

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