Cards grab lead after atrocious offensive first half

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It took the full 30 minutes, but someone finally scored in the Meadowlands.

Jay Feely’s field goal as time expired in the first half put the Cardinals ahead 3-0 in a game that’s been hard to watch on both sides. The Cardinals finally scored on their 8th possession of the half thanks to a fake punt by safety Rashad Johnson that went for 40 yards. It’s a play the Cardinals might want to keep in the hopper since the rest of their offense amounted to 75 yards in the half.

Ryan Lindley has missed receivers by large margins all day, completing just six of his 20 passes. It might be the Jets defense or it might just be too soon, but Lindley looks overmatched. He only threw one interception, though, which leaves him behind Mark Sanchez for honors in that department. Sanchez was picked three times in the first half, leading to loud boos from fans who would probably turn back to Neil O’Donnell if such a thing was put on offer at MetLife Stadium this afternoon.

He has thrown the ball to members of the Jets on nine of his other 13 attempts in the half, which put the Jets did move into position to try two field goals. Nick Folk put each of them off of the uprights, however, and the Jets find themselves behind in a battle to see if anyone scores a touchdown. If it happens, our money’s on it coming via the defense or special teams.

4 responses to “Cards grab lead after atrocious offensive first half

  1. What in the world does Mark Sanchez need to do to get benched?

    Could McElroy really be any worse than this?

    Those first two interceptions were bad enough to get a guy cut. Apparently in New York they don’t even get you benched.

  2. And Sanchez isn’t even the worst QB on the field.. not by a longshot. Any fan that paid cash money to see this game should demand a refund, plus all related expenses occurred, plus compensation for emotional distress. This is easily THE worst display of NFL “football” I’ve seen in my 55 years on the planet. Absolutely pathetic.

  3. The NFL should refund the ticket money for the fans. It costs way too much to go to a game nowadays, and to make the fans watch this crap is embarrassing for the league.

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