Dolphins fear Jake Long out for season


The Dolphins lost left tackle Jake Long in the first quarter of Sunday’s game and they fear they won’t have him back again this year.

That’s the word from both Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald and Jeff Darlington of from Miami after the game. Long left with what was called a left triceps injury during the contest and the Dolphins are afraid he’s torn it. He’ll have an MRI on Monday, but Salguero reports that two players and a team official told him that was the working diagnosis. Darlington’s source says that “it doesn’t look good.”

If so, it could have been Long’s final game as a Dolphin. Rookie Jonathan Martin replaced Long on Sunday and would likely remain there if the worst fears are realized. That would give the Dolphins an extended evaluation of Martin’s fitness for the job, something that will come in handy with Long set to become a free agent after the season.

Long’s play hasn’t been met with many positive reviews this year, so a good showing from Martin could lead the Dolphins to go with the cheaper and younger option at left tackle.

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  1. Long has been injury prone for a while. He was outstanding the first couple years. Since his nagging injuries, he’s been good but not stellar. Unless he takes a pay cut he won’t be a Dolphin. If they knew he would be a great and reliable player they would have reworked his deal last year. They did not do that because they needed more assurance and have not really gotten any. He’s a good player but not worth what he makes or expects to make any more.

  2. This is a blessing as now we can play our future starting LT in Martin. LONG has sucked for a LONG time now and is not worth the money or the risk of losing Tanny.

  3. It won’t be a major factor losing Long for the season. He is definitely not the same guy they drafted in 2008. For the amount of money it would cost to bring him back, the Dolphins could have 2 Tackles and a reserve. Long hasn’t shown the dominance he once had. He also has had issues with his health, which is another huge negative.

  4. Problem isn’t replacing Long with Martin at LT. The problem is replacing Martin with Garner at RT.

  5. Probably his last game in a Dolphins uniform, he’s going to demand way more money than he deserves and the Dolphins will do the smart thing and let some other team overpay for a mediocre LT.

  6. Did Matt Ryan go to every single pro bowl since he’s been in the league? J. Long did.

  7. Jake isn’t going anywhere.. He loves Miami and when healthy he’s arguably the best in the league .. He just needs to take a pay cut

  8. This is the best thing that could have happened for Miami. They are out of playoff contention so now they can see if they have any O Line talent on the bench. This also makes their decision in the off season a-lot easier. Long is not close to elite and gets injured too often. I don’t think that even an elite LT is worth 13 million a season. Miami has over 30 free agents this off season and they need to spend their draft picks and cap space on playmakers.

  9. I love reading all these comments. Let Long go, he’s washed up. The first time Martin has a bad stretch everyone will be saying, fire Ireland for letting Long go.

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