Jaguars describe Maurice Jones-Drew as “very questionable”


Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has missed six straight games since suffering a foot injury in Week Seven, but there’s a chance he’ll finally return to the field on Sunday.

Just not a very good chance: Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey said today that Jones-Drew is “very questionable” for Sunday’s game against the Jets.

The Jaguars lost Jones-Drew’s backup, Rashad Jennings, to a concussion on Sunday, so if Jacksonville had anything to play for, the loss of Jennings might add to the urgency to get Jones-Drew back on the field. But with nothing to play for other than perhaps the first overall pick in the draft, it seems unlikely that the Jaguars would rush Jones-Drew back at less than 100 percent.

After leading the league in rushing last year, Jones-Drew got off to a solid start this year despite holding out for the entire offseason in an unsuccessful attempt to get the Jaguars to give him a new contract. But the injury has derailed his season and sends him into the offseason with even less leverage in contract negotiations.

If Jones-Drew and Jennings are both out, the Jaguars would likely go with a combination of Montell Owens and Richard Murphy at running back against the Jets, in a game that could set offensive football back 50 years.

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  1. If he gets released in the off-season I wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers kick his tires. You know, if no one else wants him and they can get him for the vet-mininum with no guaranty money. Steady Teddy will be all over that.

  2. “in a game that could set offensive football back 50 years.”

    Not quite. Team could rush the ball effectively 50 years ago.

    Although to be fair, this game would be the cure to the Jets’ ills: they bring their resistible force against the movable object that is Jacksonville’s efence[sic].

  3. To the first poster, you’re crazy if you think anyone is getting MJD for the vet minimum, or that the Jags will release him in the first place. Why do you think he held out? He isn’t all that expensive; no reason for the Jags to release him.
    I really hope he makes it back for at least two games. I want to see how this offense is capable of functioning with MJD in the backfield and Henne at QB. With Shorts and Blackmon emerging at WR, it may look promising. I can hope, right?

  4. Since MJD believes he should be paid properly for his production, I wonder if he will give back half of his salary since he’s going to miss half the season?

    Yeah right. This is the other side of that coin Mojo.

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