John Skelton to start for Cardinals this week

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Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt decided not to pull rookie quarterback Ryan Lindley from last Sunday’s 7-6 loss to the Jets, a decision that didn’t seem to say much about his belief in John Skelton.

When the coach discussed his quarterbacks on Monday, Whisenhunt said he still had confidence in Skelton. That was hard to believe after watching Whisenhunt watch Lindley turned in a performance that was about as bad as you could imagine from a professional quarterback without ever turning to his former starter, but it is a little easier to believe now.

Skelton has been named the team’s starting quarterback for the Week 14 trip to Seattle, returning the job he held earlier this season until getting pulled while the Cardinals were leading the Falcons in the second quarter of Week 11. Whisenhunt gave a brief explanation of his decision.

“Some of it has to do with Seattle — playing up there, having played against them once already this year,” Whisenhunt said, via “There are a lot of factors, but I’m not going each one of them.”

One of the factors could have been that Whisenhunt threw a dart at a wall that hit a notecard with Skelton’s name on it and it wouldn’t make much difference. The Cardinals offense has been a mess all season and chances were almost 100 percent that it would remain that way regardless of which quarterback he decided to start this week.

15 responses to “John Skelton to start for Cardinals this week

  1. Whiz told the guys on Monday morning that first one to put three passes through the used tire gets to start. They’re all exhausted by now, but Skelton finally got his third.

  2. I will take great pleasure in booing whichever QB takes the field for Arizona this Sunday at Century Link. Arizona QBs get crushed when they play in Seattle.

  3. Whiz signed his walking papers with the last two games….his ego got the best of him! He made his bed, now he has to lay in it! Clearly Skelton is the better QB, but being stubborn made Whiz look like a fool.

  4. It doesn’t matter who the QB is, THE NOISE is going sound like a jet engine 2 feet away from you.

    Hawks are MUCH IMPROVED since the last time they played and Russell Wilson is on fire…….

  5. WHAT??? Here I bought tickets fully expecting the new superstar Lindley (that’s his name right?) to be starting and I have to sit through another Skelton game?? This was gonna be an absolute firefight between two of the hottest QBs in the league… but now, nothing.

    It’s like I bought tickets to see Michael Jordan come to town to bang around with Shawn Kemp and then Phil Jackson decides to play James Edwards in his place because he’s more familiar with the greater Seattle area.

  6. Game 1 of the season in Arizona it was a slugfest. The Cards came out with a great defensive game plan and were aggressive versus the rookie in his first start and earned a win. Skelton was pretty bad in that game, Kolb came in and moved the ball giving them the lead. Wilson and offensive coordinator will be up to the task I have no doubt but Irvin & Clemons are different animals at home. Earl Thomas seems to have a read on Skelton and has been playing sideline to sideline. I expect a few picks from him this weekend. Go Hawks!

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