Ray Lewis: “I’m making progress”

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Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis returned to the practice field Wednesday, even though he’s not eligible to play this week.

And he apparently doesn’t want to say much more until he is, which would be in Week 15.

“I’m making progress and will practice some today,” Lewis said in a statement released by the team. “But, the story shouldn’t be about me right now. We’re playing the Redskins Sunday, and I am not eligible to play. If I can help prepare my team in some way for that game, I will.

“When I know I will play in a game, or when I play in game, I will say more then.”

The fact he’s even close to returning is impressive, after tearing his triceps in October.

7 responses to “Ray Lewis: “I’m making progress”

  1. Here’s hoping he’s back on the field a week from Sunday against Denver. Lord knows the Ravens will need him that day.

  2. Steroid freaks. How many ravens are gonna come back from season ending injuries before the nfl says anything. Wake up

  3. Does Lewis matter anymore?

    Ravens were 26th ranked defense before Lewis was hurt and have climbed one spot to 25th without him.

  4. as a skins fan, don’t underestimate the value of your defensive leader. he inspires his players when he is on the field. fletch is a good example.

    as a football fan, I still believe ray Lewis is probably the second best active middle linebacker behind bowman.

  5. Unless Ray Ray can learn to play QB in pressure situations or big games nothing really matters. As long as Shane Falco is running the show the Ravens will not get their hands on the sticky.

  6. Next four games will expose the ravens as an over rated team that has been lucky, but has run out of four leaf clovers. If you can’t beat a third string QB at home how will you do against Peyton with or without sweet baby ray ray…. Hard to swallow sitting at 9-3 , but get ready for it!

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