Panthers drawing motivation from Ryan’s words after first game

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When the Falcons finished off their dramatic comeback 30-28 win over the Panthers in Week Four, quarterback Matt Ryan was caught by television cameras sending a message to the visitors from Carolina.

“Get the (expletive) off our field!” Ryan said.

The Panthers got wind of Ryan’s exhortation and it has been serving as some motivation for the team leading into this weekend’s rematch. Defensive end Charles Johnson said that the team marked Sunday down when they first heard what Ryan had to say and cornerback Captain Munnerlyn was also left dismayed by what he called “harsh words” from Ryan.

“I can’t repeat it to you. That’s how bad it was,” Munnerlyn said, via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer. “He totally disrespected us. They won the game. They came all the way back and beat us. But to say what he said, I don’t think it was called for. He could have handled it a different way. But he said it.”

Bulletin board material can come in all shapes and forms and much of it borders on the ridiculous. This fits into that description, although it will seem less of making a mountain out of a molehill if the Panthers come up with a win on Sunday.

Of course, Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy gave the Falcons some comments rally around as well when he said he thought the Panthers were a better team than the Falcons. We’ll find out whose words summon up more of a reaction this weekend.

18 responses to “Panthers drawing motivation from Ryan’s words after first game

  1. “but to say what he said..”
    Oh, the horror.
    Silver lining: a 3-9 team has finally uncovered a vehicle to get them focused and motivated. Congratulations to all.

  2. As a Saints fan, I hate the Falcons more, but whenever we play the Panthers, it is more chippy with more trash talking than when we play any other team (the Bucs can come close sometimes). I bet Ryan was getting trash-talked all game by those guys and he was sick of them at the end when they finally won. I despise the Falcons more as a team, but there are more individual players on the Panthers I don’t like because of how they are when we play them.

  3. Atlanta is going out first in the playoffs anyways they are the worst 11-1 team in the history of the NFL all they do is talk with there big mouths all there wins came from teams with no winning record and they have struggles against though team so they aint a threat they suck as useasual

  4. LOL I didn’t know Ryan had that type of diatribe in him. Maybe his new nickname should be “Matty not so nice”.

  5. It’ll take a lot more than this kind of bulletin board material to turn the tanking Panthers around.

    But I’m sure we’ll get to see Cam do his Superman bit if he manages to score a TD. So that’s at least some consolation.

  6. From their center guaranteeing a Super Bowl before the season, to their always-posting, look-at-me, legend in his own mind quarterback, to this hilarious trumped up revenge motive, the Panthers have to be on top of ANY all-time talk-it, can’t walk-it list. Always good for a laugh, at least, I’ll give them that… usually a team this bad just lays low and hopes people ignore their ineptitude, this team still wants the spotlight. Amazing.
    Sad for Ron Rivera, heading up this bunch of losers.

  7. supremekingz says: Dec 6, 2012 10:28 AM

    This is the Panther’s Superbowl. They can definitely win

    It is the Falcons’ also, because it’s as close as they’re going to get to sniffing one this year.

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