Kirk Cousins does his best Gus Frerotte impersonation, sans head butt


In 1994, the Redskins used a top-five pick on quarterback Heath Shuler.  They then took a late-round flyer on Gus Frerotte.

And Frerotte became the starter.

In 2012, the Redskins used a top-five pick on quarterback Robert Griffin III.  They then took a late-round flyer on Kirk Cousins.

And, at least for now, Cousins is the starter.

Though there’s no way he’ll keep the job when Griffin is healthy, Cousins has done his best Frerotte impersonation, leading the Redskins to a touchdown and a two-point conversion (via a quarterback draw) to force overtime against the Ravens.

Cousins wisely refrained from head butting the wall.

11 responses to “Kirk Cousins does his best Gus Frerotte impersonation, sans head butt

  1. I really liked Cousins when he was at MSU. He’s gonna be worth a first-rounder in a couple years. Great pick by WAS.

  2. RGIII is a man. He asked to go back in, made the play and saw he could no longer go and took himself out. He’s a total team player…everyone who needs a QB, the early price for Kirk Cousins is minimum a 1st rounder. Bruce Allen and the front office hit the jackpot as far as getting picks for a backup QB is concerned.

  3. First “logical” statement I have heard out of this guy all year. Cousins was a great draft pick as a back up for a qb that will miss several games a year due to injury. The Colts proved last year that if you don’t have a quality back up qb, you have no chance of winning if your starter goes down.

  4. The fact that the ‘head-butt’ is still common knowledge 15 years later should show you how painful being a skins fan has been.

    That being said, this team owes a lot to the defense. 10 combined points in the 2nd half the past 2 weeks. Plus key takeaways in the past 3 of 4 games. Let’s hope RG3 can get healthy and take this team to January.

  5. It’s a little early to be putting a 1st round grade on
    Kirk Cousins, but he sure looked calm in a tough
    situation. As a skins fan , I still like the idea of keeping
    both of them. Several years of Rex Grossman can
    do that to a fan……..Go Skins

  6. You might want to think back less than a year before you think Cousins is worth a first round pick. I believe the Packers got a 4th round pick for Flynn, who had success when Rodgers was unable to play. We’ll have to wait and see if RGIII is out for a while and how Cousins plays, prior to evaluating him.

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