Mike Zimmer trying to ignore chatter about head coaching jobs


In his Monday Morning Quarterback column for SI.com a couple of weeks ago, Peter King ranked Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer second on his list of NFL assistants most likely to get looks for head coaching jobs after the season.

Zimmer should be familiar with the attention. He’s gotten several head coaching interviews in the past, including looks from the Dolphins and Buccaneers after last season, and the way the Bengals defense has performed this season won’t do much to hurt his chances at more looks this time around. They rank eighth in the NFL in yards allowed and are tied for the league lead in sacks, a big reason why the team is riding a four-game winning streak into Sunday’s game with the Cowboys.

So Zimmer is likely to get some interviews again this offseason, although he’s determined not to pay any attention to the chatter about his coaching chances because it winds up leaving him feeling bad when he gets passed over.

“Honestly, I don’t listen to that stuff anymore. Honest to God’s truth,” Zimmer said, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I’ve had for so many years people say, ‘This is your year.’ Then at the end of the year for about three days I’m totally depressed because I see this guy get a job, that guy get a job, that guy get a job. So it’s in my best interest not to think about it, talk about it and just try to do the best job I can because I’m like (everybody else), I get disappointed too.”

It’s impossible to know how good a job Zimmer might do as a head coach until he is a head coach, but his resume is certainly as good or better than several other coordinators who have gotten top jobs in recent years. That makes it easy to understand his disappointment, but it doesn’t mean that things will fall into place for him this time around as NFL coaching searches don’t always follow the most sensible paths to the eventual hire.

8 responses to “Mike Zimmer trying to ignore chatter about head coaching jobs

  1. He must be a terrible interview. With the exception of Fisher, Zimmer was arguably more qualified than every other coach that was hired.

    This guy deserves a shot not matter what his interview issues may or may not be. I hope he gets it.

  2. If you’re in the market for a defensive guru to make a statement then you should absolutely give this guy a shot. He’s battled through adversity and personal pain to prove his leadership. Match him up with an experienced offensive coordinator in a supportive atmosphere and the sky is the limit. If Garrett gets dismissed don’t be shocked to see his name surface as a potential replacement. He was the defensive coordinator there for some years.

  3. If the Bengals don’t make the playoffs or at least have a winning season, he may not have to go anywhere else. Marvin could be gone.
    The Bengals have a history of hiring within, with Marvin being the lone exception, so they would likely look at their own staff.
    I think Marvin would make a better GM than coach anyway so maybe that is in his future and that would open up the spot for Zim

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