Deion Branch is back with the Patriots


When the Patriots placed wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth on injured reserve Tuesday, there were reports that Deion Branch would be heading back to town to take his place on the roster.

Everything has gone exactly as expected. The Patriots announced that Branch is back with the team a little less than a month after they released him. That was actually the second time that the Pats released Branch this season. He didn’t make the club in August, but returned in September and played in seven games before getting shuffled off again after suffering a hamstring injury.

His return would hardly have been a surprise without Tuesday’s reports. As Mike Reiss of points out, the team kept his locker intact after Branch was released in November.

With Stallworth out, the Patriots were extremely thin at receiver and Branch gives them a player who obviously knows the offense and Tom Brady. He doesn’t give them the same deep threat that Stallworth flashed with a 63-yard touchdown on his only catch of the season, but the familiarity is still a plus at this point in the season.

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  1. I understand why they did it and glad to have a little depth behind are starters but real ‘ll y wish they had somebody to go deep like the play to stallworth , cuz deion isn’t running behind anyone

  2. Deion Branch has only ever worked hard for the Patriots, and that was years ago.. He didn’t help out much in Seattle and when he found his way back to the Pats he didn’t more than he ever did in Seattle but he has never returned to the level he played at his first time with the New England team.

    And yes, as a Seahawks fan, I am a little bitter.

  3. Good to have Tom’s binky back. Say what you want about age/diminshed speed, Branch knows exactly what spots Brady needs him at during the game. That experience makes him very valuable for the playoff run.

  4. And when Gronkowski comes back he’ll be cut again. He is a solid player who Brady trusts, he knows their system.

  5. Say what you will about Deion Branch losing a step or two, but much like Welker, he is on the same page with Brady and is always where he needs to be when Brady looks for him. Less than a minute on the clock, staring 4 & 17 on the face with the Lombardi on the line, Brady looked for Branch and found him for a huge first down. Glad to have him back.

  6. Branch’s productivity in Seattle was diminished primarily due to an unfortunate series of injuries (not to mention spotty QB play), rather than a lack of effort.

  7. He was invisible earlier in the year; why bring him back? Well, I guess he knows the system, at least, unlike Ocho-stinko.

  8. Never hurts to have another experienced receiver available on the roster.

    I think it would of been nice if Stallworth was able to stay healthy though, he looked good against the Texans.

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