Tebow “ready to go” on Monday, wildcat could be back


Jets quarterback-of-all-trades Tim Tebow has missed the last three games with a rib injury.  He could return on Monday night, presumably with a smattering of snaps and no actual impact.

Via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, coach Rex Ryan told the media on Saturday that Tebow “practiced well again today,” that he “looks good,” and that he will “be ready to go on Monday.”

As a result, the wildcat could return to the Jets’ offense.  Ryan said Tebow could show up in the alternative formation on Friday, a day after essentially declaring that they’d use it no more.

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  1. Boggles the mind as to what those at ESPN were thinking for a week 15 MNF game…that the Jets/Titans game, even back in June or whenever the schedule was set, was going to be anywhere near relevent to one or both team’ playoff hopes at this late stage.

  2. I think it’s great the jets refuse to use him as their season slips away. they saw what he did with a team not half as talented as the jets in denver last year but refuse to go to him because he is not a pocket passer. then why the hell did you trade for him? everybody knows sanchez is not the answer but you refuse to change your offense to fit Tebow’s skills and are not going to the playoffs because of it. hope enjoy watching the playoffs on tv because you are to stubborn to do the right thing.

  3. @metalhead
    What football have you been watching?????
    Broncos OL,WR and RB’s are so far superior to the Jets it’s not even debatable!!!!
    And yes it’s always a good idea to change your entire offense for 1 guy that’s not even an NFL player he was traded for what they’re getting HEADLINES this was Woody’s deal and no one else, pay attention when Rex has to talk about it he throws up in his mouth a little every time and we all know how he likes to talk.

  4. I care ! Tebow has Ben treated worse than an ant at an anteaters convention since he came into the Nasty Football League.

    I watched in Denver while John the Fox did everything he could to demean and demoralize this kid. Then he and Mr. ” gosh he’s more popular than I was” Elway traded him to a team who wasn’t going to start him either.

    Well, maybe Tebow ain’t one of the Manning brothers, but it would be nice if he would be treated with a little more compassion.

    Who was the dumb….. That drafted him in the first place?

  5. This entire Tebow experiment/debacle/disaster is the perfect illustration of what a poorly managed organization the Jets really are. Woody/Tannenbaum/Rexy = Failure. I think Rexy is a good coach but the other two are incompetent. Woody ramrodded Tebow down Rexy’s throat which was only meddling but really really stupid. However, at the end of the day, Tannenbaum in particular is the architect of this Three Ring Circus and he needs to be held accountable. At the very least he should be reassigned to a position where he is no longer making personnel decisions. He clearly has failed in that aspect. Not only is the team seriously lacking in talent, but the players he has chosen have created a team chemistry more akin to a cesspool. He is the architect and he has created nothing but ugliness.

  6. It really is amazing that the Jets have done NOTHING with Tebow this season.

    Although he is undoubtedly not a starting QB, he is athletic enough to require defenses to account for him. And even when defenses knew he was prone to run, it was still difficult for them to contain him.

    Wrecks Ryan’s choice not to even play him in select situations illustrates a behind the scenes war of wills between the coaching staff, GM and possibly the owner.

    One can’t argue that Wreck’s coaching has not resulted in success. Now with nearly all hope for the playoffs gone perhaps they’ll give Tebow a chance – but Wrecks knows if Tebow does well, that further proves him incompetent as a coach.

  7. Tebow,” ready to go” that’s what we’re all waiting for, for Tebow to go to another team, asap. The only thing the Jets did that was worse than signing Tebow, was to give Sanchez a two year extension at the start of the season, what in Gods name were they thinking?

  8. I think Tebow was shafted by both Denver and the Jets. No one gives him a real chance. He helped Denver get into the playoffs last year which under Kyle Orton they had no chance.

  9. The Jets should use him more and in smarter ways in short yardage. He is a very good short yardage runner and playing him at QB allows an extra blocker on the offense.

  10. Dinklespiel and the rest of you Tebowmaniacs are still crazy. The Broncos started 1-5 with Kyle Orton last year and finished 1-5 with Tebow. They both got what they deserved (FIRED!).

    As for the mean old NFL not treating Timmy right, where do you come up with THAT?

    The guy got a first-round salary he clearly didn’t deserve then got handed a starting job he didn’t deserve and has ESPN and the rest of the media in his back pocket giving him publicity he doesn’t deserve.

  11. I can’t wait for the Broncos to try to rescind the trade that sent Tebow to the Jets for 4th, 6th round pick plus the Jets pay $2.53 million of his advance salary. $1.5 mill in 2012 and $1.03 in 2013. What a bad deal for the Broncos.
    Tebow’s 39 passing yards are sorely missed.
    Who is this Manning bum anyways? Never heard of him. Glad we didn’t waste any picks on him. Hopefully we can dump him this off-season and rebuild.
    Bronco fan after the circus named Tebow left town

  12. All those Tebow critics making fun of him must have forgotten 1 season ago. 1-4 and to the playoffs?

    What odds Vegas would have given for the Jets to make the playoffs if Tebow had taken over in a similar situation this year?

    After not even 400 passes in the NFL which amounts to less than a full season he has 17 tds and 9 ints. So what if he completes 48 percent. look at Eli’s and Elway’s first seasons.

  13. I am about as relevant to the NFL as Tebow is – except, I am pretty sure I throw a better ball.

    He’s a good person – but doesn’t have the skill set to be a REAL QB in the NFL. He’s a gimmick.
    Honestly – Tim – come on man – you would make a great safety – and I mean GREAT!

  14. If I were Tebow I’d go play in the CFL a few years to get paid, pick up more valuable experience and show NFL people what I can do. In addition, it would be a whole lot more fun for a guy who loves to play the game.

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