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Patterson pocketed $6 million for one year with Browns


Former Eagles G.M. Tom Heckert saw fit to sign former Eagles cornerback Dmitri Patterson to a one-year deal in 2011, and then to a three-year deal in 2012.

The fact that former Eagles president and new Browns CEO Joe Banner opted to send Patterson packing with more than $6 million in his pockets less than one year into his new contract could be the first tangible sign of a possible disconnect between Heckert and Banner.

Though there’s a chance Heckert and not Banner soured on Patterson, the reality is that Banner now calls the shots.  With no final decisions made regarding whether Heckert will be back in 2013, Banner at least approved the decision as to whether Patterson, who was signed through 2014, would remain with the team.

And if Heckert didn’t agree with the decision to cut Patterson, it would be a sign that, even though he technically has and apparently wants to keep final say over the roster, he doesn’t actually possess those powers.

Then again, even if Heckert and Banner decided together that Patterson should go, the aftermath isn’t a ringing endorsement for the decision to sign the player to a three-year deal.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Patterson received a $3 million signing bonus in March 2012, along with a $2.95 million base salary, fully guaranteed, this season.  He also earned a $100,000 workout bonus, which pushed the total cash payout for 2012 over $6 million.

Patterson must clear waivers before becoming a free agent; a new team would get a two-week test drive before carrying a $4.5 million base salary in 2013.Regardless of what, if anything, the move means as to Heckert’s future, we reported over the weekend that, if Heckert is fired, the primary reason will be that Heckert and the Browns failed to do everything they could to move up from No. 4 in the draft to No. 2, which would have given the franchise its first franchise quarterback in decades — Robert Griffin III.

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Bears part ways with receiver Armanti Edwards

02michigan.xlarge1 AP

Seven years ago this weekend, Armanti Edwards authored one of the greatest wins — not upsets — in college football history.

Tomorrow, he’ll have plenty of time to watch the rematch.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears released the former Appalachian State quarterback, who led the Mountaineers to two national championships and a win over Michigan.

Edwards converted to wide receiver after the Panthers traded up to take him in the third round of the 2010 Draft. They cut him last year, and he had a short stint with the Browns.

The Bears kept his old Panthers teammate Jimmy Clausen, but there wasn’t enough room for him on the 53-man roster.

Just like there weren’t enough Wolverines to stop him in 2007.

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Jerry Jones proud of himself for resisting the urge to draft Manziel

manziel AP

Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones says he did a great job of paying attention to his football people on draft day this year.

Jones, who has admitted he was tempted to draft quarterback Johnny Manziel, says he showed off some good delegation abilities when he allowed the other people in the Cowboys’ draft room to convince him the team needed the substance of offensive lineman Zack Martin, rather than the flash of Johnny Football.

“I think I’m proud of that decision right now, and I’m proud I was a good listener,” Jones said.

Jones added, however, that if he had drafted Manziel, it would have been because he truly believes Manziel is going to be a great franchise quarterback for years to come. Jones said the fact that Johnny Football is already a star in Texas is just a bonus, not the reason Jones considered drafting him.

“The reason you take Manziel is to win. We’ve talked a lot about the cache. We’ve talked a lot about the visibility,” he said. “But I don’t think anybody has to back into the fact that this guy is a winner. He’s a proven winner and high competition. And so I wouldn’t distinguish any conversation I’m having about taking him or not taking him with the idea that if we have him he’ll help us win.”

Instead, Martin will block for Tony Romo, and Manziel will back up Brian Hoyer in Cleveland. Not quite as exciting as the situation Jones envisioned when he dreamt about drafting Manziel, but probably the right move for the Cowboys.

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Jamon Meredith goes from Bucs starter to cut

Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Getty Images

It’s going to be a tough couple of days for a lot of players around the league, although few of the players learning of their release will have dropped out of their team’s plans faster than Jamon Meredith.

Meredith started the first game of the preseason at right guard for the Buccaneers, but was promptly dropped from both the lineup and the competition to start at the position. Moving to tackle didn’t change his fortunes, however, and the Bucs announced Friday that Meredith has been released.

Meredith, who entered the league as a 2009 fifth-round pick of the Bills, started 20 games for the Bucs over the last two seasons but the change in coaches from Greg Schiano to Lovie Smith doesn’t seem to have done him any favors.

His experience could land him a job somewhere else as the other 31 rosters take shape, but, for now, the summer is one of discontent for Meredith.

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Eagles can’t find a place on the roster for QB G.J. Kinne

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles Getty Images

Quarterback G.J. Kinne had a good preseason for the Eagles, but there simply wasn’t a place to put him on the 53-man roster.

Kinne was among the first players cut in Philadelphia, according to Reuben Frank of

With Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley entrenched in front of him, Kinne needed someone to get injured or falter, and no one did.

Kinne posed a 130.7 passer rating in the preseason, although that was compiled against of other guys who are about to become unemployed. They might still sign him to the practice squad, as he has eligibility there.

Offensive lineman Josh Andrews has also been cut, per a tweet from his agent.

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Pat Angerer, Yawin Smallwood out in Atlanta

Pat Angerer, William Powell AP

The Falcons lost Sean Weatherspoon for the season and they said goodbye to two of the inside linebackers vying for playing time in his place on Friday.

Veteran Pat Angerer and 2014 seventh-round pick Yawin Smallwood are among the first players to learn that they won’t be on Atlanta’s 53-man roster this season. Angerer, who had microfracture surgery last year, made the announcement on Twitter.

“Enjoyed my time in ATL, unfortunately it’s come to an end here. First class org and first class people. They gave me a chance when no one would,” Angerer wrote. “I was able to have fun playing football again. Falcon fans, be proud of the men you cheer for. All of them are great hardworking dudes. Worse comes to worse, I’ll end up in Iowa with my kids! And there ain’t no place I’d rather be. It’s a win win.”

Smallwood’s release was reported by various sources and he is the fourth player selected in the 2014 draft to be cut this summer. With Angerer and Smallwood gone, the Falcons have Paul Worrilow, Prince Shembo, Tim Dobbins and Joplu Bartu at inside linebacker.

Vaughn McClure of also reports that fullback Maurice Hagens, running back Josh Vaughn and offensive lineman Pat McQuistan have been dropped as the Falcons make their way to 53 players.

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AFL-CIO joins NFL in supporting blackout rule


During the 2011 lockout, the NFLPA raised eyebrows by currying the favor of unions whose employees make a lot less money than pro athletes.  Three years later, the strange bedfellows routine has gone even farther, with the NFL and the AFL-CIO joining forces on a relatively unpopular political issue.

In a letter dated August 26, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka urges the FCC to keep the sports blackout rule in place.

“The current broadcast rules promote full stadiums, which provide jobs and incomes for the working people we are proud to represent, and they promote free over-the-air television, on which many working people rely,” Trumka writes.  “We have seen all other sports migrate away from the free over-the-air model and are concerned that eliminating the Sports Blackout Rule may make the NFL leave free over-the-air television as well.”

The good news is that Trumka, unlike the NFL, doesn’t blame the situation on “Pay TV lobbyists” or other bogeymen who would force the hard-working men and women of America to pay for the privilege of watching NFL football.  The bad news is that Trumka has decided to perpetuate the disingenuous notion that, if the blackout rule goes away, the NFL will change its broadcasting model to pay-per-view only.

That’ll never happen, for a variety of reasons.  Most importantly, the removal of NFL football from free broadcast TV would spark an outrage from the public even bigger than the Ray Rice backlash, resulting in the immediate drafting of legislation that would strip the league of its broadcast antitrust protection.  In turn, the league would be forced to allow teams to cut their own TV deals, Notre Dame-style.  Some teams would make billions and others would make millions and others may be relegated to local public access.  The ensuing competition for dollars and product exposure would make the maximum audience that comes from a broadcast network very attractive to some teams, possibly sparking a bidding war among multiple franchises for the privilege of being the official team of ABC, FOX, CBS, or NBC.

Trumka’s other argument — that full stadiums generate more money for the people who work there — has some merit.  But people who choose to stay home at watch the games on TV will also be utilizing goods and services that are provided by working men and women, from beer to food to color TVs to emergency plumbing services, thanks to Uncle John and his chimichanga habit.

It’s a coup for the NFL, which previously found support for the position only when hiring people like Lynn Swann to parrot nonsensical talking points.  With the AFL-CIO behind the effort, maybe the league has a chance at preventing or delaying that which seemed inevitable.

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Titans release Marc Mariani on way to 53 players

Marc Mariani AP

The Titans haven’t officially announced any of their cuts yet, but some of the players receiving bad news are sharing the news ahead of the team.

One such player is wide receiver Marc Mariani. Mariani joined the team as a seventh-round pick in 2010 and spent his first two seasons as the team’s top kick and punt returner. He returned two punts and a kickoff for a touchdown over that span, but missed the last two years with a broken leg and a shoulder injury.

“All good things must come to an end,” Mariani said in a text to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “Hopefully I’ll land somewhere else soon.”

Defensive lineman Marcus Dixon also tweeted that the “Lord has something else in store for me.” Dixon played for the Jets from 2010-2012 and was out of the league last season.

Wyatt reports that the Titans have also released offensive lineman Justin McCray, fullback Colin Mooney, offensive lineman Jeff Adams and defensive lineman Chigbo Anunoby. That leaves them with 16 more moves to make before Saturday’s deadline.

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Former first-rounder Larry English among Bucs’ early cuts

EJ Manuel, Larry English AP

The Buccaneers took a flier on Larry English, but it wasn’t a long one.

According to Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, English is one of 12 Bucs cuts to be reported so far.

The former Chargers’ first-round pick was brought in two weeks ago to see if he could push for a defensive end job, but they apparently didn’t see enough to keep him around.

He was taken 16th overall in the 2009 NFL Draft, one spot before the Buccaneers drafted quarterback Josh Freeman. Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

They’ve also parted ways with cornerbacks Anthony GaitorKeith Lewis, Kip Edwards and Marc Anthony; linebackers Nate Askew and Ka’Lial Glaud; fullback Lonnie Pryor, defensive end T.J. Fatinikun and offensive linemen Edawn Coughman, Jeremiah Warren and Andrew Miller.

If that’s the extent of the day’s work, then they’d have 10 more moves to make by tomorrow afternoon’s deadline to get to the 53-man limit.

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Jerry Jones has had “good visits” with Dez Bryant, doesn’t know if deal will get done

jerryjonesdezbryant Getty Images

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant doesn’t want to think about a contract extension once the 2014 season is underway, which leaves the two sides a short amount of time to come to an agreement if it is going to happen before Bryant plays out the final year of his current deal.

There are ongoing talks to see that a deal does get done, including one-on-one meetings between Bryant and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones this week. Tim McMahon of reports that Bryant is “encouraged by the individual attention” he’s received in what Jones calls a rare situation where he’s met directly with a player.

“We have had good visits,” Jones said. “It’s a little different to be talking directly, for me to be talking directly with the player. I know of two that I’ve spent a lot of time directly talking with in some pretty sensitive areas when you’re talking about money. We all understand what that means. One of them Michael Irvin. He asked me to induct him into the Hall of Fame later and Emmitt Smith, he asked me to induct him into the Hall of Fame later. Troy [Aikman] always had Leigh Steinberg there, but we kind of talked straight in there together. But Dez and I have been visiting for years, ever since he’s been a Cowboy regarding things, and so it is a fairly unique situation that we’ve talked as much as we’ve talked, made it pretty easy and maybe propitious to be able to talk to him about his contract. That’s why we were actually talking there.”

The visits have been good, but Jones said that he doesn’t know if the two sides will make enough progress to get things finalized by the start of the regular season. If they don’t, the franchise tag could be in play for the 2015 season but there doesn’t seem to be much concern that Bryant will be anything but a Cowboy.

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Report: Injured reserve/return a possibility for Geoff Schwartz

New York Giants v New York Jets Getty Images

The Giants got some good news about guard Geoff Schwartz’s dislocated toe this week when it was determined that he wouldn’t need surgery to repair the injury.

The team said the plan was for Schwartz to wear a walking boot for 7-10 days before starting his rehabilitation with the situation being reevaluated on a week-to-week basis beyond that point. According to a report from Kimberly Jones of NFL Media, that plan might be altered a bit.

Jones reports that Schwartz is “likely, but not certain” to be placed on injured reserve with the designation to return as the team sets up its roster for the start of the regular season. Going that route would allow the Giants to play with a full roster while Schwartz recovers, but would mean that Schwartz couldn’t return to the lineup until at least the ninth week of the regular season.

That would take away perhaps the best offensive lineman on a team that needs to do a better job of protecting Eli Manning, so you’d imagine the Giants would want to be sure that Schwartz won’t be healthy in the first two months of the season before going that route. Rookie Weston Richburg has taken over the left guard spot for the Giants since Schwartz’s injury.

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Jerome Simpson suspended three games for substance abuse

Vikings wide receiver Simpson makes a catch in front of Bears cornerback Tillman during the first half of their NFL football game at Soldier Field in Chicago Reuters

The Vikings have one less cut to make to get to the 53-man roster limit, at least for the next three weeks.

The NFL has announced that wide receiver Jerome Simpson will be suspended for the first three games of the season.

Simpson had appealed to the league after getting a DUI in November, and failing to submit to a chemical test.

While it was his first alcohol-related violation, he had previously been suspended three games for violating the substance abuse policy in 2012.

Simpson has slid down the depth chart behind some younger options, and it will be interesting to see whether or how long the Vikings hold onto him.

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Browns deserve scrutiny for mishandling receiver position

Gordon AP

While the NFL’s outdated, illogical, and unfair “War on Drugs” obsession with players smoking marijuana on their own time triggered the suspension of Browns receiver Josh Gordon, the Browns nevertheless mishandled the situation, especially since they’ve known for a long time that they’ve been facing the potential absence of Gordon.

As Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer mentioned on Thursday’s PFT Live, the Browns could have traded Gordon last year for a second-round pick and a player.  But former coach Rob Chudzinski was willing to continue to keep a player who was a mere 15 ng/ml of marijuana metabolites in one of up to 10 tests per month away from a one-year suspension.

Then, aware of the looming suspension in May, the Browns opted not to use the fourth overall pick on receiver Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans.  The Browns then used none of their draft picks on a receiver.

And so they’ll move forward with Andrew Hawkins, Miles Austin, and Nate Burleson, barring the acquisition of a veteran who has been cut or who is available via trade.  But even if the Browns bring someone like Santana Moss to Cleveland from Washington, given his familiarity with the offense, it’s always difficult for a receiver to make an impact without the benefit of offseason, training camp, and/or preseason reps with his new team.

In one fell swoop, the Browns went from having one of the best receivers in the NFL to having a revolving door of players who are past their prime or who may never have one.  It puts extra pressure on the running game, on the quarterback, on tight end Jordan Cameron, and on a defense that now needs to serve up great field position and/or to score points via turnovers, if the Browns will have any hope in the AFC North.

General Manager Ray Farmer has defended the decision not to take Watkins or Evans by arguing that no connection exists between having a high-end receiver and winning a Super Bowl.  Which actually makes even more glaring the decision to not trade Gordon when they could have gotten value for him.

Now, the Browns definitely don’t have a high-end receiver.  If Farmer’s theory is correct, maybe that means the Browns will win the Super Bowl this year.

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PFT Live: Raiders talk with Vic Tafur, PFT Planet calls and tweets

Seattle Seahawks v Oakland Raiders Getty Images

The preseason schedule came to an end on Thursday night with few starting players taking part in the action.

The Raiders used the occasion to give rookie quarterback Derek Carr the start and extended playing time and Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle will join Mike Florio on Friday’s edition of PFT Live to discuss Carr’s performance. Carr handled things well, but entered the game behind Matt Schaub on the depth chart so we’ll also get an update on the state of Schaub’s sore elbow while looking ahead to the Raiders season.

We’ll close out the week by taking another set of questions from PFT Planet. Whether you’re thinking about who will make 53-man rosters or looking for predictions about the coming season, let us know on Twitter — @ProFootballTalk — or give a call to 888-237-5269 during the show.

It all gets started at noon ET and you can watch it all live by clicking right here.

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Aldon Smith still awaits a decision

Smith Getty Images

With nine days to go until the 49ers open the 2014 regular season, the franchise still hasn’t heard whether linebacker Aldon Smith will be available for Week One.

Smith met with Commissioner Roger Goodell more than three weeks ago, with no decision yet on the number of games he’ll miss for multiple violations of the personal-conduct and substance-abuse policies.

The NFL has developed a habit over the years of resolving suspensions based on offseason developments before the start of the next regular season.  For Smith, who’ll have appeal rights, it becomes more and more difficult to get everything resolved in the next nine days.

Either way, the clock is ticking.  Loudly.  If an initial decision doesn’t come today, Smith may end up being available to play on September 7 against the Cowboys.

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Ryan Mundy considering legal action against Schutt after cut to head

Ryan Mundy, Marcedes Lewis AP

Bears safety Ryan Mundy suffered a cut to his head that required stitches during the team’s preseason game against the Seahawks and he’s considering legal action against the helmet manufacturer as a result.

Mundy was wearing a Schutt helmet when he collided with Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman and says a sharp edge inside the helmet caused a cut that led to 16 stitches. Mundy said he has to “do some diligence about what action” he can take against the company, which he says came to the Bears to fix the issue on other helmets in the wake of Mundy’s injury.

“Their guy came in a few days ago and put a protective pad inside the helmet of the other guys that are wearing Schutt helmets to cover up the edge that was kind of sharp,” Mundy said, via the Chicago Tribune. “I’ve never seen anything like this ever. This can’t happen. It’s not supposed to work out like that at all.”

We’ll leave discussions on legal action to those with law degrees, but something does seem off if a helmet designed to protect its wearer contributes to his injury instead.

Mundy hasn’t worn a helmet since suffering the injury, but is expected back on the field this week wearing a Riddell helmet.

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