Steelers add a cornerback

Injuries have left the Steelers without many players to turn to at cornerback, a situation they are trying to remedy by signing a free agent ahead of their massive Week 16 date with the Bengals.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the Steelers have signed cornerback Justin King. King played three games with the Colts this season before getting cut, and he worked out for the Steelers recently. Their need for healthy bodies at the position was big heading into last week’s game with the Cowboys, as Ike Taylor and Cortez Allen were both sidelined. It got worse during the game, thanks to injuries to Cortez Allen and DeMarcus Van Dyke.

The Cowboys had great success throwing at the inexperienced Josh Victorian, who was pressed into action along with Curtis Brown. The Steelers hope to have some of their injured players back this week, but they needed to cover themselves in the event things don’t break their way.

King came into the league as a fourth-round pick of the Rams in 2009 and played 35 games for them over three years, capped by 12 games as a starter last season. King did not play well, but he’s got experience and he isn’t injured. Those are good things in Pittsburgh at the moment.

UPDATE 1:27 p.m. ET:  The Steelers officially has announced the addition of King.  Van Dyke has been placed on injured reserve.

16 responses to “Steelers add a cornerback

  1. The Steelers don’t need to add a CB as bad as they need to drop an OC – Todd Haley. There is a reason this guy has been fired from every job he has had in the NFL. I really don’t think he watches NFL Football.

  2. you’re getting twice as many thumbs down there Steelerfanjo !

    The many fans constantly complained about Bruce Ariens not running the ball enough even by management for two years ! Bruce played too much golf with Ben and buddy buddy during the game Ben scrambling and getting hurt.

    So I ask: Do we have more ‘runs’ and yardage this year.

    and Has Ben stayed on his feet more.. taught how to be a real NFL QB ‘read’ the receivers….

    If the answers are ‘yes’ to those questions, then I don’t have a problem with Haley…. And he didn’t get fired from Arizona as OC… He had Warner winning games and going to the Super Bowl. If Brown didn’t fumble the return hanging that ball out there for even a child to knock away, we would NOT even be here chatting but headed well into the playoffs.

    Guys have to step up, losing to San D was not the play caller or 5 fumbles against the Browns etc etc.

    Wake up if you’re going to post as a steeler fan

  3. Steelers fans undervalue cornerbacks so much it’s crazy. Most seem to think that you can line up virtually anyone back there and get the same result. If the past two games hasn’t shown you how important Ike Taylor is to our secondary, nothing will.

  4. Justin King will be inspired to play in his hometown. I believe last time he played in Heinz Field was 2004 in the WPIAL championship game v. Central Catholic in a tough loss. Hope he finds a spot in the dime or nickel package and solidifies a playoff run for the Steelboys. Unfortunately, the AFC championship will go through New England. It will take much and more for the Steelers to find themselves a seventh ring.

  5. Want proof that Ike Taylor deserves a pro-bowl?

    7 or 8 straight games without a 200 yard passer. Over an entire season without a 300 yard passer. First game Taylor is injured (I’m not counting the Baltimore game because Joe Flacco is average) Rivers goes over 200 and Romo goes over 300.

    It’s not like their pass-rush is causing that.

  6. If anyone wants to know how Justin King plays..go youtube Torrey smith against the Rams last year. And that was all in the FIRST quarter

  7. Steelers are going to need DB’s to step up or they will be watching the playoffs. Gee, I wonder what the Bengals game plan is going to look like?

  8. How can Allen be sidelined and not dressed in the game and hurt while playing in the same game.

    Hint: Allen didn’t dress and Keenan Lewis was hurt in the 4th qtr breaking up a pass against Bryant.

  9. Anybody that thinks J. King will play cornerback for the Steelers has no clue(ravenator). This guy is a speed player, still, just like he was coming out of the draft. He was signed to fill Van Dyke’s position as gunner on special teams and nothing more. Hopefully he knows how to tackle.

  10. This is Laughable. This very thing is goin to doom the Steelers.. waiting untill desperation time to fill positions they’re weak at. this dude must be last at CB on the free agent list. They should have got Talib b4 the Pats did. Perfect example of Colbert not knowing what the Hell he’s doing! He’s a cap Guy! not a personnel Guy.he should stick to number crunching

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