Vernon Davis has to repeat chemistry with a new QB

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Tight end frustrated with chemistry with quarterback. Where have we heard that before?

But in the case of the 49ers and tight end Vernon Davis with new quarterback Colin Kaepernick, it might actually matter.

After being held to one catch Sunday against the Patriots, Davis admitted he was frustrated at having to start from scratch with a new passer, after developing a good relationship with Alex Smith.

That’s something me and Kap don’t have right now,” Davis said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “We don’t have it. You have to expect [that because] he just stepped in. Me and Alex — we’ve been here. It takes time. It took time for me and Alex to get like that.

“In the beginning, he’d underthrow me, he’d overthrow me because we had to build that chemistry that I would be in that spot right when I need to be. And that’s something that me and Kap don’t have right now. But we’re working on it. We started working on it the moment he walked in.”

The early returns were promising, with Davis catching six passes for 86 yards and a touchdown in Kaepernick’s first start.

But in the four games since, he has four catches for 29 yards. There were balls that were either overthrown (or short-armed) against the Patriots, and Davis said: “I get chills when I think about it,” he said.

As long as Kaepernick is finding Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss, and the 49ers are putting up 41 points like they did against the Patriots, it shouldn’t be a problem.

At least as long as Davis doesn’t let it become an issue, as others have.

15 responses to “Vernon Davis has to repeat chemistry with a new QB

  1. Being as he’s the best/ most talented weapon, by far, at Kaepernick’s disposal, there’s something wrong in the SF game plans of late.

  2. Interesting how you didn’t include the part of the article that summarized how Davis and Smith did not have a connection this year as well. Davis is just not catching many passes this year, for whatever reason, no matter the QB. I don’t know if the schemes have changed but the TE is catching the ball. Unfortunately for Davis that TE has been Delanie Walker.

    Kaep will connect with Davis soon and often. It’s all a learning process and the Niners are not getting rid of Kaep or Davis. So it will all work itself out.

  3. thecuckoo3 | Dec 18, 2012, 6:27 PM EST
    “Why are you trying to make a story out of nothing????”
    I did not realize Davis had gotten so cold, so this is all news to me. The local media and V.Davis himself obviously addressed this ” non story”

  4. I’m not totally sure but I think Davis lead the teams in catches last year, maybe chemistry is a factor but teams are doubling him a lot more this year and making Crabtree earn his money

  5. I said it befor and I’ll say it again. Funny how he said Alex Smith was the better QB and now he has disappeared from the offence. I have watched a bunch of SF games this year and the passes to him are always overthrown. Funny how MC has passes hit him in the hands!!!!!

  6. Have always liked VD. But after watching the game twice, I wouldn’t throw to him much either.
    From my viewpoint, VD could have caught two TD’s. Arms not extended, no dive for the catches. Most receivers would have at least tried. IMHO he did not.

    Try to make a catch and maybe more balls will thrown your way.

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