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Dominic Raiola accused of not paying child support

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Center Dominic Raiola hasn’t been having much fun on the field this season and he’s got some off-field difficulties to deal with as well.

A motion filed in Macomb County Circuit Court alleges Raiola is two months behind on paying child support. The motion claims Raiola did not pay the mother of his five-year-old son the $14,526 he owes every month in either November or December.

The Detroit News reports that Raiola had a son out of wedlock with a woman named Andrea Yee in February 2007, a few months before Raiola’s wife had the couple’s third child. Raiola is listed as the child’s father on the birth certificate and, according to court records, he acknowledged he was the boy’s father in an “affadavit of parentage.” The monthly payments were part of a larger support agreement that Raiola and Yee reached shortly after the child was born.

Raiola did not respond to the newspaper’s request for a comment while Yee’s attorney and the Lions declined the opportunity to comment about the case.

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26 Responses to “Dominic Raiola accused of not paying child support”
  1. eaglesw00t says: Dec 19, 2012 9:59 AM

    Thats an atm baby right there.

    I GUARANTEE you that woman isnt working a job. Thats why she went to court. She is making $174,312 a year from child support.

    That is absolutely disgusting.

  2. johnnyjagfan says: Dec 19, 2012 10:01 AM

    $14,520 a month in child support? Does that kid get extra cheese on his whopper or something? I don’t care how much Raiola makes–that $14k should be in a trust somewhere for that kid.

  3. purpleguy says: Dec 19, 2012 10:08 AM

    $14K/month for child support? Will he adopt me?

  4. kane337 says: Dec 19, 2012 10:12 AM

    Wow, that is a huge bill to pay for not wrapping it up. Shame on him for cheating on his wife.

  5. Cereal says: Dec 19, 2012 10:18 AM

    Stay classy Dominic & good call by the Detroit Free News & PFT for calling him out

  6. upthegut34 says: Dec 19, 2012 10:30 AM

    Why is this any of our business? Don’t know that it’s fair to paint someone as a deadbeat dad when we don’t really know much about that situation, other than someone filed a motion.

  7. hatesycophants says: Dec 19, 2012 10:32 AM

    I’m the custodial (only) parent of an awesome kid whose mother hasn’t paid a dime in support in 3 years. If Dom only missed November and December, could she not get by on the $145,000 she received the other 10 months?

  8. huskersrock1 says: Dec 19, 2012 10:41 AM

    14,000 per month is a large amount, but he agreed to it and no one forced him to cheat on his wife. Pay up.

  9. gvicknair says: Dec 19, 2012 10:45 AM

    That’s absolutely ridiculous!!! It doesn’t take that kind of money, per month, to pay for a child. Just nuts!!

  10. DiscountMescan says: Dec 19, 2012 10:53 AM

    As soon as he’s out of the league he’ll get it adjusted to his new job and she will be getting pennies compared to now. Dude should have kept it in his pants if he didn’t want to shell out $14k/mo.

  11. ccjcsr says: Dec 19, 2012 11:07 AM

    TO just called in and said it just ain’t true!

  12. dukemarc says: Dec 19, 2012 11:27 AM

    Not sure about the Child Support charges, but he’s definitely guilty of being a terrible Center.

  13. chibimike says: Dec 19, 2012 11:29 AM

    All you people complaining about the amount of child support, realize this child is obviously being raised with zero help from the father.

    If he is not going to share any of the responsibilities of parenting, then why shouldn’t he pay what is about 2-3% of his salary to support the kid?

  14. pdkknelson says: Dec 19, 2012 11:35 AM

    $14.5K a month to the baby mama but what do you think his wife gets a month after finding out they were having twins and she was only carrying one of them.

  15. catquick says: Dec 19, 2012 11:50 AM

    Yee is guilty too. She knew he was married. The kid and Mrs. raiola are the victims.

  16. mightymightylafootball says: Dec 19, 2012 11:53 AM

    As a general question:

    Why is the amount of child support tied to the income level of the child supporter? As a matter of state law, shouldn’t there be a dollar amount cap , and a dollar amount floor? Why a percentage?

    I mean, a kid needs between ‘X’ and ‘Y’ amount to ensure its well being, right? Why is the assurance of the well-being of a child rated as a percentage of the father’s salary?

    When income percentage is used to determine child-support, it’s just smoke and mirrors for the real motive: a punitive action. Not saying Raiola shouldn’t be punished, but let’s call it what it is…

  17. jpb12 says: Dec 19, 2012 12:10 PM

    Wow. A lot of moral economists here. He probably should’ve spent $5 on a rubber… or $90 for a cab ride home to see his pregnant wife maybe?

    I’m guessing he blames it on Adderall

  18. pinchekeith says: Dec 19, 2012 12:16 PM

    $14,520 a month is legal extortion. Our laws are criminal in themselves.

  19. weaselpuppy says: Dec 19, 2012 12:26 PM

    He needs to be in that young boy’s life….teaching kids how to leg whip and be a jackass on camera are important life skills.

  20. cow395 says: Dec 19, 2012 12:26 PM

    14.5k a month to “support” a child????????

  21. boyshole25 says: Dec 19, 2012 12:34 PM

    Sweet karma

  22. noeffinway says: Dec 19, 2012 1:07 PM

    “Less than a month after Yee gave birth to the child, the two agreed Raiola would pay $14,526.36 a month in child support through age 18 and $1,907.08 a month for child care until age 12, according to paperwork filed in court. Raiola also agreed to provide a life insurance policy for the child with a survivor benefit of at least $1 million, medical benefits and attorneys’ fees incurred by Yee for subsequent agreements, according to records.” – From the original article that they copied pieces of here at PFT

    Michigan child support laws are just messed up!
    Why the extra $1900 child care money until age 12? Are we supposed to believe that the mom is already banking 14k a month in child support but is yet going to work everyday so she needs a babysitter? Seriously? She’s already banking $3600 a week and then she also works a full-time job??? LMFAO….lets get real. What a sham!

  23. mp4philly says: Dec 19, 2012 2:44 PM

    My kid is seven and I don’t think I spend more than $1,400 a month! That’s unreal.

  24. Mr. Wright 212 says: Dec 19, 2012 3:47 PM

    Is he “making strides” to pay it down?

  25. Mr. Wright 212 says: Dec 19, 2012 3:51 PM

    chibimike says: Dec 19, 2012 11:29 AM

    All you people complaining about the amount of child support, realize this child is obviously being raised with zero help from the father.

    If he is not going to share any of the responsibilities of parenting, then why shouldn’t he pay what is about 2-3% of his salary to support the kid?

    You can’t be a man and co-sign the slanted child support laws.

  26. vicmastro says: Dec 19, 2012 5:24 PM

    What is in the mind of you people that is telling you that this little boy doesn’t deserve at least the lifestyle that Dominics other three children are enjoying, including a stay at home mom ? He’s already lacking a father figure in his life. He didn’t ask for any of this. Dominic Raiola did. Remember, the “fraud”?

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