Scratch David Shaw off the potential NFL coaching list


It’s easy to identify the coaches who are in danger of being fired.  It’s hard to compile a comprehensive dance card of possible replacements.

And with the NFL hiring pendulum swinging toward college coaches, one more candidate apparently won’t be available in 2013.

Via Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, Stanford has announced that head coach David Shaw has signed a long-term extension.  The concept of a long-term deal for a college coach often is nebulous, especially since any head coach who wants to leave a college program often does.  That said, Kawakami believes that Shaw likely will be staying for a while.

Indeed, it would be awkward to say the least for Shaw to leave in the aftermath of signing an extension.  Still, as Stanford continues to thrive, Shaw will eventually have plenty of opportunities to follow former Stanford coaches like Bill Walsh, Dennis Green, and Jim Harbaugh to the NFL.

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  1. He’s a Stanford alum, so I don’t think he would be using this job as a stepping stone towards an NFL job just yet. He has a really good young qb in Kevin Hogan too, so maybe he would like to develop him like Harbaugh did with Luck before leaving.

  2. If the Bears don’t make the playoffs and Lovie Smith gets fired , I think they should look at Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald. He’s a very underrated coach. Any thoughts?

  3. As a Stanford fan, I’ll be the first to say Shaw is a tad bit overrated. He had Luck to run his offense last year in his first year as HC, and has a great defense this year thanks to Harbaugh’s recruiting.

    Quite a few poor decisions have been made in his two years (end of the Fiesta Bowl, starting Nunes over Nottingham/Hogan for the first 8 games this year).

    With that being said, I’m sure it takes a couple years to adjust to being a head coach and hope he continues his success on the farm for many years.


  4. Stanford seems to be one of the few places from which college coaches transition well. I expect Shaw to be in the NFL eventually because he’s an NFL coach’s son, but no need to rush yet.

    He’s sitting on top of the world, he’s young, and once you jump, you really can’t go back the other way in reality.

    It works in college basketball, but coming back to college football for a failed pro coach has little precedent unless it was a quick decision (Lou Holtz, Gene Stallings, etc).

  5. Not sure why the Titans were tagged in this or any other team for that matter. This guy hasn’t been linked to any NFL jobs, especially ones that aren’t even open yet.

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