Colts expecting Chuck Pagano back on Monday

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The Colts can stamp their ticket to the playoffs with a win against the Chiefs on Sunday.

If they do, they expect to be able to celebrate with Chuck Pagano on Monday. Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star reports that the expectation in Indy is that Pagano will rejoin the team on Monday and remain with them for the rest of the season. Pagano has been pointing to that date for his return from time away from the team to battle leukemia that is now in remission and interim coach Bruce Arians said that plan remains in place when asked if he’s ready to be in the top job for the final time.

“Heck yes, I am,” Arians said. “Hopefully we can get this victory and secure our playoff spot and turn it back over to Chuck.”

Some have raised concerns that Pagano is trying to do too much too fast in his recovery from cancer by returning to work this season, but it’s pretty hard to offer any judgment on that decision without knowing all of the variables that go into this decision. We certainly hope he isn’t and imagine that all of the coaches will work together to make sure there isn’t too much on Pagano’s plate as he takes the next step in his recovery.

5 responses to “Colts expecting Chuck Pagano back on Monday

  1. I’m sure Pagano is great and all, but if I were the team owner, I’d tell him to rest up for the rest of the season because they’ve gotten this far with Arians and it’s not like leukemia is something you can just walk off.

  2. I gotta give Bruce Arians a lot of credit the way he’s handled the situation. I’m sure lot of people would not be so “welcome back with open arms” as he has been given how good a job he has done in the HC role.

    I’m sure he’ll get his shot soon based on how he did this season.

  3. As a diehard Colts fan, this actually makes me nervous. I would prefer they let Arian’s just finish this season as HC. He has taken us this far, now is not the time to switch things up.

  4. It might be best to not try and fix things at this point by throwing a different coach in the mix. I like Pagano and wish him well, but the Colts have had success beyond anyone’s expectations with Arians at the reigns, a different coach could doom their chances. Let Arians finish out this improbable run and bring back Pagano next season.

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