ProFootballTalk: Who will coach the Saints?

The Saints will finish out the season without Sean Payton coaching them from the sideline and Mike Florio asks the most important question during his contract dispute with the Saints: When does his contract actually expire?

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5 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Who will coach the Saints?

  1. I think Payton is disgusting because of the bounty stuff. I rooted for the Saints when they were in the superbowl because I wanted to see them do well especially in light of the hardships in that city since hurricane Katrina (I am a Giants and Broncos fan). Also I liked Drew Brees. However, when that bounty stuff started, that turned me off. Then Brees defends the bounty stuff. The whole thing is unethical.

  2. @edithpiaf51:
    You are 100% correct that the thing is unethical, but you have the perpetrators wrong. THe unethical party here is Roger Goodell and the NFL. Every step of the way, their “evidence” has been discredited. The Saints are “guilty” of having a pay for performance system just like every other team in the NFL has (or had).

    What is disgusting is how many people hear one report and blindly believe that 100% and totally ignore everything that comes after that.

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