Rex defers comment on Vick, but not on Brady

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Amid rumors and reports that the Jets will pursue quarterback Mike Vick if/when (when) he’s cut by the Eagles, it was understandable that coach Rex Ryan would be asked about the situation by the media.

Even though the tampering rules prevent him from commenting.”I think I’ll focus on the players we have on this roster instead of somebody else’s players,” Ryan said in response, wisely.

But Rex was a little looser with his comments when discussing (lamenting) the fact that the Jets don’t have a franchise quarterback.

“[I] realize that every team is not going to have Tom Brady,” Ryan said.  “I’ll be honest with you, if we had Tom Brady, I’d be happy with that.  We don’t, but there are only maybe one or two other guys that would be in that [group], whether it’s New Orleans [quarterback Drew Brees] or Peyton Manning.”

Though any public comment expressing interest in a player under contract with another team technically runs afoul of the plain language of the tampering policy, it’s unlikely that the league will do anything about it — primarily because the league rarely ever does anything about it.  Except in the most egregious of cases.

Bottom line?  Brady, Brees, and Manning will never play for the Jets.  But the one guy Ryan wouldn’t mention is the one who is the most likely to be the team’s next big-name, ticket-selling, attention-generating, false-hope-creating signal-caller.

58 responses to “Rex defers comment on Vick, but not on Brady

  1. Is it possible that Vick actually COULD start a bidding war between teams desperate for a QB, like the Jets, Cardinals, maybe the Vikings?? The mind boggles.

  2. If Woddy Johnson had any STONES he would fire Rex Ryan right now and let all the fans know he is going to head in a different direction.
    No Joke.
    I start Tebow tomorrow.
    If management really did shove him down Rex’s throat, then start him and and show him what they got.
    He’s not a leader of men, Rex is just grabbing straws.
    I would started Tebow 3 weeks ago if the owner shoved him.
    Ryan has nobody to blame but himself.
    Run the team… not your mouth.
    He is Buddy’s son.
    and he was a CLASSIC did little with teams coach.
    Cut your losses Jets.
    And I’m not talking players.

  3. High football IQ
    Won in college


    Weak arm

    Late round pick

    That’s pretty much every scouting report on Greg McElroy. Remind you of someone?

  4. Don’t go crazy though, Jet fans.

    Most QBs coming in with the ‘weak arm’ label live up to the hype. They have a weak arm and it’s exposed as such in the big leagues.

    But hey, maybe you’ve struck one in a billon.

    Maybe there’ll be the McElroy ‘six,’ except it would be known as the ‘three.’ Given how Gabbert, Locker and Ponder have performed – there’s some first round busts that McElroy can overshadow

  5. billion*

    Excuse the tripe post, but I’m conflicted. I want to cheer for McElroy, but cheering for McElroy necessitates cheering for the Jets – a proposition that makes me sick to my stomach.

  6. “Judging from that picture, is Rex next in line for the QB job?”

    No, actually he looks constipated.

    J-E-T-S! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  7. How fitting would it be to see this guy get fired and become the Pats defensive coordinator next season? It would be hilarious but crazy enough to work. Top notch coordinator, average coach. Not as bad as everyone acts like though. He got blood from a stone for a few years with Sanchez.

  8. Is it possible that Vick actually COULD start a bidding war between teams desperate for a QB, like the Jets, Cardinals, maybe the Vikings?? The mind boggles.

    could Vick get his third $100 million contract….. lol

  9. Gosh the jets could end up getting Philly’s third string quarterback. Do they want an improvement or not over Sanchez and Tebow?

  10. So now praising another player is now tampering too in your minds? Maybe its time to seek another profession. Especially when you consider all 3 guys he mentioned are locked up for the long haul

  11. Sorry but I believe Rodgers is the best in the league at this point in time and he is much younger. Not a drop of integrity IE blown off bets and fans but he is still a great player

  12. Hahaha, “false-hope-creating signal-caller.” made me LOL. It’s true. I like Mike, he says and does all the right things. I’m so glad he turned his life around. But he needs a different kind of offense to run and be successful.

  13. Im more curious to see what could happen with Sanchez on a team with some offensive playmakers…Vick to the Jets seems destined to fail…although it would be interesting.

  14. I’d just like to go on record and say that Rex Ryan ‘foot’ jokes are no longer funny. I’m not saying this in support of his foot obsession/him/Jets/whatever. It’s just seriously played out.

  15. Bottom line? Brady, Brees, and Manning will never play for the Jets.

    Sure about that? Didn’t think Favre would ever play for the Jets.. and that happened.

  16. Remember how much he used to gush over Sanchez? It’s amazing how fast having your job threatened will change your tune. Time to put your best foot forward Rex.

  17. As much as I think Ryan could help the Pats defense there is no way in a million years that Belichick gives this guy a coordinator position. Belichick likes to control every aspect of the team and he would never bring in a coach like Ryan that would jeopardize that.

  18. “the team’s next big-name, ticket-selling, attention-generating, false-hope-creating signal-caller.”

    Mike, that’s some funny stuff right there dude. Thanks for the laugh.

    false-hope-creatin’ hehehehehe…

  19. manningbowl88 says: “hey rex u forgot to mention rodgers and big brother eli who knocked u out of the playoff race last year in that category…”

    Ummm…. NO. Eli isn’t in the elite category. An elite QB doesn’t SUCK for FIVE out of the last SEVEN games. NEVER.

    It should be:
    P. Manning

    There aren’t any others yet.

  20. nyjets1017 says: “They could of went”

    Dude; I hope you’re like.. in junior high school. OR, English is your second language. It’s: “could have gone”

    Sorry folks. My pet peeve is people being either lazy or dumb as a box of rocks in their communicating.

  21. Brees isn’t in the same class as AR, TB and (much as I loathe him )PM.

    Here’s a really simple way I use to define if a player is elite. If he has a bad game, how surprised are you? If he has a great game how surprised are you? If and only if the answer to the former is “extremely” and the answer to the latter is “not at all”, then he is elite because it means he’s great consistently. Only those three QBs I mentioned fit that definition. I’m not surprised when Brees has a good game, but I’m not surprised when he has a bad one either. So he’s like Eli, only with higher volume stats.

    I smile at what RR said because there used to be a time when he loved getting into TB’s dome by constantly praising PM as the best. I don’t know how to feel about this turn of events.

  22. kylealbertson says: “Naming Brees over Rodgers? Yeah right! A-Rodg is number 1 or 1A at QB!!”


    Dude; grow up. Pats fan here. Yep; I’m partial. But you’ll NEVER know anyone more honest, thoughtful, intelligent and fair- all together at the same freakin time. Last year combined with the year before caused me to think Rodgers could be in the same category as Brady- SOME day, and in the same league as Peyton right now. And I certainly believe Aaron was BETTER than Tom *the year* he got the MVP. BUT!! … Here we are again; with the guy who has been in FIVE Super Bowls in the TEN years he’s played, and…. everyone expects him to be in this one coming up, ummm…. HEY!!!> JUST as they did the year he threw 50 TDs and set so many other records it was friggin SICKKKKKK. So he could easily have been in SEVEN in ELEVEN, and MAY BE in 6 in 12!!! So NO, Aaron isn’t in THAT class. MAYBE Montana, Unitas and Elway are, right? hehe But then… we get to Peyton. With all of his crazy-ass records, come-backs, just plain being the fricken General- or the Genius. So, just as with Professor Brady… ya know: Aaron needs to prove himself more than a few years. And Kyle; I like Rodgers HUGE. But he’s behind Brees for the same reason as the other two masters mentioned above… at least for now.

  23. the name of this rag should be “”

    WHO CARES? this team has not won a single thing in my life (uh, I was 4 yrs old in 68)

    4 out of ten “most talked about” articles, Tebow & the jets. WHO CARES?

    cant you east coast idiots find something about the other teams to write about?

    ok, I know you cant…..

  24. Watching Vick fail on the Jets would be as fun as it has been watching him fail on the Eagles. Any team that signs that loser deserves what they get!

  25. Superbowls is what it is all about…Roethlisberger has to be in the conversation when talking about elite QBs. 2 superbowl wins out of 3 tries – more than brees, more than manning, more than rodgers

  26. I say the Jets trade Sanchez for Cousins. Washington doesn’t need a starter so Sanchez can’t mess anything up and he needs out of NY, and Cousins can and wants to play. Win-win. Jets pick up most of Sanchez’s contract next season and let him be the skins’ problem and they have a QB of the future.

  27. Sounds like Rex is trying to set himself up as the Patriots D.C. for next year after he gets fired…we’ll take him!

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