Fisher’s Rams beat Schiano’s Bucs

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Jeff Fisher and Greg Schiano both took over young teams this year knowing they had big rebuilding jobs ahead of them. From the looks of things, Fisher’s rebuilding effort in St. Louis has gone more smoothly than Schiano’s in Tampa.

Although Schiano’s Bucs showed signs of life at times this season, Tampa Bay has struggled down the stretch this season, while Fisher’s Rams are still playing good football. That was certainly the case on Sunday, as the Rams jumped out to an early lead and cruised to a 28-13 win.

Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins gave St. Louis its first lead with a pick-six of Josh Freeman, and the Rams added to their lead with a Steven Jackson five-yard run, an 80-yard touchdown from Sam Bradford to Lance Kendricks, and then a five-yard touchdown pass from Bradford to Austin Pettis to put the game out of reach.

The Bucs got good games from receivers Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson, but Freeman threw four interceptions, and he simply has to get better if he’s going to lead the Bucs to the playoffs some time in the future. Neither of these teams are heading for the playoffs this year, but the Rams look like they’re closer to getting there next year.

12 responses to “Fisher’s Rams beat Schiano’s Bucs

  1. Great win for the Rams! This past draft was great for this team, especially defense. I hope Sam continues to grow as a passer, next year we will find out if Bradford is the future.

  2. Anyone still want to falsely believe Josh is still the guy? Get a veteran in here since the draft is weak for QBs and keep Freeman for next year since he’s still under contract. Trying to one up Sanchez or something?

  3. Nice victory for the Rams. They didn’t make the playoffs but who thought they would even be in this position? By the way…Would Fox PLEASE get Mike Martz off of commentary? It is pretty embarrasssing

  4. If you live by the bomb, you die by the bomb.

    Bucs OC hasn’t learned that yet. But then again he really had no play calling exp before coming to the Bucs. He was a QB coach.

    One wonders if he is any better an OC than Jags.

  5. Freeman needs upgraded coaching, bold mentoring and a change of scenery. Now who in the organization is up to the task?

  6. Fisher has done something to make these guys tougher.
    Congrats to the Rams anxious to see next years team.

  7. Was far from a nice game from Mike Williams; yes, he had raw numbers, but he caught seven balls on 17 targets. On that pick-six, Williams fell down out of a break, and on Freeman’s third INT, Williams ran a lazy slant and allowed the CB to get in front of him. Add to that him falling down on another deep pass and also dropping a very catchable ball in the red zone that could have been a score, and Williams actually had a pretty lousy day.

  8. Tampa’s offensive philosophy revolves around running the ball and throwing medium to deep routes. This worked great until their 0-line and cornerbacks started dropping like flies. Now, teams can pass at will on them so setting up the pass with the run becomes much more difficult when the Bucs are trying to play catchup. Freeman looks like an absolute stud when he’s given time in the pocket, and if the team finds some help in the secondary and the o-line gets healthy, Tampa will look more like a contender next season than the team that has had to play practice-squad players these past few weeks. Yes every team deals with injuries, but when it keeps occurring in the same unit it is much more difficult to manage.

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