“Safe to say” Sherman will play


As the Seahawks prepare to host the 49ers on Sunday night, the home team most likely can count on the presence of one of their best defensive players in the lineup.

Cornerback Richard Sherman, whose appeal on a four-game suspension for violating the league’s policy regarding performance-enhancing drugs was heard on Friday, is expected to play.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello advises that it’s indeed “safe to say” Sherman will play, given that the league office has received no indication from the hearing officer that a ruling is imminent.

If any decision were coming before Sunday night’s game, it likely would have come on Saturday.  This would have given the Seahawks a fair chance to activate a player from the practice squad to replace Sherman in the lineup.

Under league rules, a decision is required within five days after the hearing.

9 responses to ““Safe to say” Sherman will play

  1. So, he’ll miss the week 17 game and the one playoff game Seattle will play in, then be suspended for the first 2 games of next season?

  2. If Sherman was on the Redskins, he would have been suspended weeks ago. Nice job keeping the hawks D going NFL. Its pretty clear that you want to see Seattle in the playoffs.

  3. If its taking more time to rule, perhaps its not a slam dunk decision against Sherman. That is of note.

    Seattle in the playoffs without their starting CB’s is a death sentence for this season. I realize everyone wants to catch a cheeter, but I hardly think a little adderal qualifies as a major performace enhancer considering ANY player can take it so long as they have a Dr. give them the perscription – and inform the league office.

    Not many other drugs are OK like that. In fact, nothing is to say these 2 DB’s simply won’t just get the right approvals done so they keep taking it. Maybe they have ADD and need the focus on their job. I say that semi-jokingly.

  4. Ask ANY coach in the NFL, it is just plain hard to win at this level no matter who you play. The Hawks last 2 games putting up 50 is no fluke.

    This team is starting to peak at just the right time. Being this a home game with the SUPERIOR crowd noise and momentum of the Hawks….

    Hawks – 31 S.F. – 17

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