Vikings’ passing game makes an appearance


Sasquatch.  The Yeti.  The Loch Ness Monster.  The Great Pumpkin.  And the Minnesota Vikings’ passing game.

For today (for now), the last one on the list is different from the rest.  On the opening drive of Minnesota’s game at Houston, the Vikings took advantage of a defense keying heavily on Adrian Peterson to unleash a Texans-style passing attack, with quarterback Christian Ponder rolling out and having limited options.

It’s almost as if the Vikings were studying film of the Houston offense this week and decided, “Hey, let’s do what they do.”

However it happened, it’s working so far. Ponder has completed three of three passes for 62 yards.

And even though Peterson has been largely a decoy, he has 20 yards on four carries to start the game.

12 responses to “Vikings’ passing game makes an appearance

  1. thepvyharvin says:
    Dec 23, 2012 2:17 PM
    Vikings going to the Superbowl
    ———————————————————-Maybe playoffs if G-men fail.

  2. The Texans are selling out to stop Peterson from getting the record.

    They are in man coverage with 9 guys in the box on almost every play. Ponder is doing a great job of exploiting it, and if the Texans don’t start playing it straight, Ponder is going to beat them in spite of absolutely no receiver help.

  3. I,m a Texan Fan, but also a realist. This Texan team is good but not great. When you let a Viking team,alebeit a good one, come in to your house and let them dominate you, you don’t deserve to win or have home field advantage in the AFC. That being said, they can still get that advantage if they beat the Colts, but I don’t think they will beat them, they’ve never won in Indy. It’s 1 and done for the Texans in the Playoffs. I think Denver will go to the Super Bowl. Makes me think that Dumb@@@ Bob McNair should’ve signed Peyton Manning, cause Schaub ain’t getting it done.

  4. And a blatant helmet to helmet hit by Texans completely ignored, while the Refs flag for far less harmless hits all the time. Why can’t they make these obvious calls?

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