Beanie Wells says his days are numbered in Arizona

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The Cardinals have had enough problems with their quarterbacks this season that it has been very easy to overlook the fact that they don’t run the ball well either.

Beanie Wells gained four yards on three carries Sunday, just enough time for him to fumble the ball near his own end zone to hand the Bears a touchdown before getting benched. On Monday, Wells called his departure from the team “inevitable” once the season comes to an end.

“That’s my mindset,” Wells said, via the Arizona Republic. “I’m just going to go out there and put my best foot forward for all the 31 other teams that’s watching.”

Wells has 234 yards on 88 carries this season, a year that started slowly thanks to a slow recovery from a knee injury and came grinding to a halt during eight weeks on injured reserve with a toe injury. The 2009 first-round pick is under contract for next season, but he’s never really blossomed into the player the Cardinals hoped they’d be getting with that pick. With a good chance of a major change in direction offensively in the desert, it’s difficult to disagree with Wells’ read on his future with the team.

It’s just as difficult to see any of those 31 teams giving up anything of value for Wells, so release seems like the likeliest route out of Arizona.

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  1. Hard to know how good he really is considering the train wreck of an offensive line he’s had to run behind?

  2. I’d take a waiver on him in Detroit—if that means we won’t use another high pick on an offensive skill position.

    Suddenly seems like we have more holes than we can fill in one year, again. Depressing.

  3. The Cardinals should just start over at everything except defense and also keeping poor Larry Fitzgerald. Everyone else should be expendable, although the WR core really can’t be blamed for poor play when the QBs are so awful.

  4. Hey bonehead, ever wonder why 30 other teams passed you by in the draft? Wells run for 2-3 yards gets a hand on him and falls down! Another Ohio State BUST!

  5. The Raiders could take a flyer on Beanie Wells with McFadden being as brittle as he is….

    But then again the Raiders could take a flyer at just about all the roster spots.

  6. raiderinva,

    Yea, it’s McFadden’s fault that his coaches are idiots and changed his blocking scheme to the same one he couldn’t run in the first two years of his career under the same coordinator with the same playbook.

    Also, good idea to replace him with a player who’s done absolutely nothing in this league. That would probably fit in with the brain trust running the Raiders these days.

  7. pooflingingmonkey says: Dec 24, 2012 3:40 PM

    Hard to know how good he really is considering the train wreck of an offensive line he’s had to run behind?

    Ask him to talk to Martin of Tampa and find out how he did it with on one started in the same spot all year.

    Not happy with whiners.

  8. The Cardinals should even consider trading Fitzgerald in hopes he can earn his Super Bowl ring some where else.
    Rebuilding the offense for the Cardinals will take a couple of years unless they make the right changes in the front office.

  9. I can’t wait to see what happens when another team tries to hand him a contract – he’ll fumble that too.

  10. All joking aside, he would be a good fit with the Jets so long as they can find a way to lessen the cap hit they will face with Sanchez’s departure (he will leave & I fully believe they will rework his contract once the 12 month period expires). Shonn Greene could possibly land them a late round pick, or they could just simply cut him because he is not the back they thought they were getting. Wells could be a good fit with Bilal Powell. He would also look good on my Giants because Bradshaw & his never-ending injuries are wearing very thin on my patience after this debacle of a season. He may be an injury risk, but when healthy he outperforms Bradshaw. Also, he would only be a RB2 with Wilson taking the RB1 job next season. He won’t cost much in a trade (maybe a 7) or if released (most likely) he will not garner much money due to his injuries the past 2 years.

  11. Beanie? Oh you must mean Chris Wells. He can stiff arm like a beast, but his ankle will break on the same play.

  12. Once again another highly touted Buckeye falls flat and squanders millions. I haven’t seen a striking OSU product since Eddie George. The NFL ought to give Urban Meyer a few years to dynamite that plodding throwback team and usher it into the 21st century.

  13. Whisenhunt has never liked Beanie Wells. He has treated him like a kindergartener: benching him for fumbling, instead of allowing him to play and maintain his confidence; criticizing him in the media for his performance, knowing he was hurt, etc.
    Whisenhunt knows his time in Arizona is short, so he is taking opportunities to bench or insult players he has never liked: who would bench Adrian Wilson, the captain of the defense?
    Beanie should stay – Whisenhunt should go.

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