Last game before “new era in Chargers football” will be televised


The Chargers haven’t sold out a home game since November 1.  Now, as the team is finishing out a meaningless string with a visit from the hapless Raiders, enough people have bought tickets to allow the local blackout to be lifted.

The Chargers have announced that sufficient tickets have been sold to allow the game to be broadcast in California, a curious development for a non-contending team facing another non-contending team, especially since the Chargers have been struggling all season to put butts in seats.

In October, G.M. A.J. Smith said that, if the team doesn’t make it to the playoffs, it will be time for a “new era in Chargers football.”  So maybe the fans have opted to show up in anticipation of celebrating the end of the old era, and the inevitable onset of hope.

Either way, it would be a shock at this point if Smith or coach Norv Turner return.  Almost as big of a shock as the news that the Chargers actually sold out their final home game of the season.

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  1. The Baltimore Ravens would like to welcome their new offensive coordinator, Mr. Norval Turner, to the Big Crab Cake.

  2. It’s only proper for Norvtard and The Lord of No Rings to get booed out of the stadium by the home faithful. I hope the crowd busts out with chants of “Mar-ty” too!

    Norvtard and A.J. since inheriting John Butler’s 14-2 roster:
    2007 playoffs: 2-1
    2008 playoffs: 1-1
    2009 playoffs: 0-1
    2010 season: Does not qualify
    2011 season: Does not qualify
    2012 season: FIRED!

  3. Im a Bronco fan, and I’ll be the 1st to say that it has to be coaching, because there is too much talent on the Chargers to perform as bad as they do…good luck in the off season

  4. Sports righters have had ol’ Norv fired for about six weeks now.

    I hope they keep him just piss off the media mouths.

    A.J. Smith is talking about his own departure.
    No, really.

  5. This is no surprise Florio. The Chargers home games ALWAYS sell out when the Raiders are in town. Many Bay Area fans make the trip down south and theres a bunch of Raider fans in the So Cal area. There tends to be more Raider fans at these games as you will see on Sunday. Ill be making the trip as I do every year.


  6. LA and the Bay Area dominate the west coast..Seattle and San Diego are after thoughts..Get mad if you want its just facts..If the Chargers play the Raiders or Niners its a home game for them and when the Padres play the Giants theres more Giants fans there than Padres..Sucks but its the facts of life.

  7. An Oakland home game? No. A L.A. home game? Possibly. Big difference. And they haven’t taken over the Q in years. But maybe those L.A. / Oakland bandwagon riders got their tickets when the season was young and full of promise.

  8. I hope my Raiders lay down for this one, I would love to see the enept Norval and A.J. stay where they are for a very very long time.

  9. Look, yall can say what you want, but I would love for Norv to come back home to Dallas to help Jason Garrett with offense! I believe Norv can help him with time management, running the correct plays at the proper time and etc. Norv wouldn’t try to take his job and it would be great to have to good halves to make up a complete coordinator on the offensive side of the ball.

    Then all we have to do is get Ryan get his act together with the defense.

    I love Norv and miss him in Big D.

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