Chargers send Norv Turner off with a win over the Raiders

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In what is widely expected to be head coach Norv Turner’s final game in San Diego, the Chargers concluded their disappointing 2012 season by beating the even more disappointing Raiders.

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers had an efficient and effective game, completing 13 of 17 passes for 151 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions, and the Chargers jumped out to an early lead and held off a late comeback attempt by the Raiders.

That comeback attempt was led by Terrelle Pryor, the Raiders quarterback who got his first career start and showed that he has a long way to go, but also that he has potential: Pryor missed on more passes than he hit (13 of 28), but he showed off a knack for throwing on the run, for making plays with his feet, and for improvising. Pryor gained 49 yards rushing and threw two touchdown passes, the second of which pulled the Raiders to within 24-21 with just under two minutes to play.

But the Raiders failed to cover their ensuing onside kick, and the Chargers ran out the clock. For both teams, big questions will need to be answered during a long offseason. For the Chargers, the biggest question right now is, Who will be their coach and general manager in 2013? For the Raiders, the big question is at the quarterback, where Pryor may have done enough to show he deserves a chance to compete for the starting job next year.

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  1. I was impressed with Pryor. You forgot to mention the drop passes from his WRs. He did well, considering that McFadden couldn’t get a yard and get a running game going.

    Pryor should start next season. 🙂

  2. Pryor certainly wasn’t Tom Brady out there today, but for a kid that split practice reps with Leinart this week and had never started before, he did alright. He did something Palmer nor anyone else was able to do the past few weeks: throw a TD pass.

    The Raiders brass should feel obligated to take a harder look at Pryor going into next season.

  3. I’m a Pryor fan now!!! 🙂

    If only they would’ve had a running game from McFadden!

    Trade DMC to Dallas, GB, DET or AZ for a 3rd or 4th rounder

  4. Norv got paid. It’s not his fault. I wish him well.

    Blame the lord of no rings, AJ Smith. Literally the only person on this planet that was dumb enough to hire Norv.

  5. I get it, the Raiders were disappointing this decade… but were they really more disappointing than the Chargers? Did anyone think the Raiders would win the division? No. But a lot of people thought the Chargers would. MDS, “C’mon man”, the Chargers’ season was far more disappointing than the Raiders’. Foo.

  6. Pryor has work to do on his accuracy. Too many passes underthrown or thrown behind the receiver.

    Still, you couldnt help but be impressed with the raw physical ability. If he can learn to throw with authority rather than lob the ball he will be legit.

    I saw enough to show Leinart the door.

  7. Shows all you do is look at stats. Too many dropped passes lowered Pryor’s completion percentage. Not great, but not bad either.

    You all have enough employees, maybe you should split up the games you each watch. It would improve your reporting.

  8. Was at the game today- it was 60% RAIDER NATION, maybe more- always nice to see.

    If not for the opening kickoff the RAIDERS win, no doubt. It’s too bad.

    Chargers rebuild starts tomorrow- their return to the basement will be swift.

    Fun fact: despite the RAIDERS historical struggles in the past 12 seasons they still have more playoff wins than the bolts in that span of time. Look it up charger fan- you’re gonna have to have Spanos make some banners for all those regular season wins…

  9. Pryor didn’t do to bad. He stayed in the pocket (when able) and went through his progressions. He looked pretty relaxed. Broke up a fight between Goodson and Spikes (or at least tried). Had a nice back shoulder throw to DHB in the endzone (first TD pass) and made some nice plays on the run. He can also make something out of nothing as well. He also make good decisions by throwing the ball out of bounds when there was nothing (aside his one errant throw downfield where he was intercepted, not a good pass or decision). His receivers dropped a few passes (Reece missed two that were on target) and a few were off target, but catch-able (DHB dropping one. As usual). Did a good job getting to the line and getting set.

    But, not all of it was good. This guy floats way to many passes. Mainly because he throws off his back foot. He missed Reece coming out of a break because he didn’t step up into his throws.

    He also slipped while trying to get out of bounds and that led to the clock running out at half, but people slip it happens.

    Overall, hes not going to be the starter next year. He could use a year as a backup and then possibly push for the job in 2014. He did lead the raiders to their first three scoring drives in 27 attempts (ouch) and proved he can be a better back up than Leinart.

    Continuing to work on his mechanics in the offseason, along with a more talented offensive coordinator and Pryor could have a solid future in Oakland.

  10. … This is the end, my only friend the end …

    We have reached the end of the Norv and AJ; long over due … nothing new here and now the Chargers have to select a new HC and GM. Personally I do not want an NFL retread; I would rather see someone from the college ranks rise up and take this job but knowing Spanos; my guess is he will pick Andy Reid

    as far as the players; i am okay with most of them but i would understand is the majority of the team is gutted.

    Now that we survived the latest Apocalypse, we can look forward to a 2013 season

  11. I am glad to know the Norv Turner won his last game as an NFL head coach. Congratulations.
    Now Norv can come to Houston and be the offensive coordinator and revamp our offense. Bring Chris Ault with you to improve our running game.
    The Texans offense looks like the Lions offense except we have Arian Foster and the Lions have no running game.

  12. Neither of these teams had a chance to win their division.

    The very moment Peyton Manning joined the Broncos, the division race was over.

    I’m happy for Chargers fans. Norv is just brutal.

  13. Maybe the Raiders will give KC a first round pick for Matt Cassell since they have a history of overpaying for washed up USC quarterbacks

  14. t8ertot says: Dec 30, 2012 8:54 PM


    3rd worst record in the league. Cincy thanks you for your high draft pick
    Don’t waste it like you did with the last one.

  15. na na na na hey hey hey good bye!

    and I’m not talking about Norv, I’m talking about Greg ‘makes me want to take a” Knapp, and the whole ZBS crap.

  16. Cincy gets the Raiders 2nd round pick. I’ll take that for Palmer, a 2nd round pick this year, and last years first. Do me a favor & tell me who the Bengals drafted with that 1st round pick. Then tell me how great he’s done….

  17. Pryor certainly had his ups & downs in this game, but he definitely showed enough that he should be in the mix for starting QB next year. Maybe I just saw what I was hoping to see, but I think the Raiders played with a lot more energy this game. Maybe the coaches weren’t completely believing in Pryor, but I think his teammates do.

  18. No way he starts for the Raiders. As bad as people hate him, Palmer threw for 4000 yds in a offense that was lame. If they change there offense to suit Palmer and go back to normal blocking scheme to suit Mcfadden they would win more than 4 games.

  19. Pryor tried being too finesse with his passes today,A few times he should of gunned it like on the interception in the end zone.However I thought he played decent.The team seemed to respond to him and they were competitive.That being said Pryor needs alot of work.

  20. You can talk about our first rounder not contributing that much this year (due to injury), but the greatest addition to the Bengals was the loss of Palmer…Bengals are progressing and Raiders continue to embarrass themselves…The draft pick(s) are a bonus…Look at the Bengals recent drafts and compare them to the Raiders recent drafts…This is exactly why the Bengals are progressing and the Raiders aren’t!!!

  21. t8ertot says: Dec 30, 2012 8:54 PM


    3rd worst record in the league. Cincy thanks you for your high draft pick
    Don’t waste it like you did with the last one.


    Like Jamarcus Russell?

  22. vincentedwardjackson says:Dec 30, 2012 7:34 PM

    Pryor blows like Kenny G……
    This person apparently didnt watch the game, if they did, then they know nothing about football.. Also, if this person is a SD fan, then they are REALLY out of touch…. Your favorite player plays for Tampa Bay…

    Pryor looked pretty dang good considering the drops and the porous line play.. Definitely should be competing for the starting spot next season..

  23. I’m guessing that they’ll keep Palmer, lose Leinart, and make Pryor the #2.
    He’ll get another year to show he can develop into a legitimate NFL passer, not just an option/gimmick guy.

    If he doesn’t, I’d say the window will close for him and they’ll move on.

  24. Ah yes, the fall back on history. There were quite a bit of raider fans at the game today. All the more to see them be swept. The hail was a nice touch.

    Liked how Pryor cost janikowski an attempt at the half too.

  25. Pryor seems like a great kid, willing to learn…. But his feet, and wow, he misses everybody. He played a decent game, but you can see the flaws so much. You can not teach passing, it is a god given right. He is not the future of the Raiders.

  26. Like someone said, there’s a lot of people here that either didn’t watch the game, or don’y know anything about football at all.

    I’m happy with what I saw from Pryor, but he needs work, lots of it. His footwork is awful, he continually rolls beyond his blocking and he floats too many balls.

    I would keep him and make him the backup next year but to even suggest that he start is beyond crazy, just way out there.


  27. I was very surprised at how well Pryor looked. Yeah, it wasn’t a stellar debut but they gave him a bigger load of plays than most 1st time starters. He missed a few passes but that can be improved on. Most importantly: he did not looked lost or nervous.
    I was most impressed by his leadership. He never quit. Most impressive was when jumped in the middle of the scuffle between Spikes and his RB trying to pull his teammate from the fight. That right there is a leader. I think he has a future as a starter. Al may have left the Raiders with a future at QB. Nice job Pryor.

  28. Pryor performed much better than I expected so I think he deserves a roster spot next year so that McKenzie and the coaching staff can see if he can progress further. However I think he is a long way off from even being considered as an NFL starting QB. To accomplish that, he’ll need to learn how to effectively read defenses and to be able to stay in the pocket rather than immediately taking off when he feels the pass rush. We’ll see if that happens.

    Having said that, he still looks better than Leinart.

  29. nbooat says: Dec 30, 2012 10:00 PM

    Look at the Bengals recent drafts and compare them to the Raiders recent drafts…This is exactly why the Bengals are progressing and the Raiders aren’t!!!
    That’s obvious. Davis has mostly missed, especially in the early rounds, for over a decade.

  30. @dasmol- History is all the chargers have you silly bolt fan. The chargers glory run was in the early 60’s when Al Davis was on the coaching staff (you can thank Mr. Davis for recruiting Lance Alworth arguably, the greatest charger of all time, away from the NFL and to the chargers).

    So yeah, you should cherish and embrace history. I did not notice any banners hanging for the bolts past regular season triumphs. Enjoy your 2012 sweep and the regular season “success” the bolts have enjoyed over 10+ years. In the end, since 2000, the RAIDERS (despite 7 consecutive losing seasons) have managed to win more playoff games then the bolts- the games that matter.

    The difference is the RAIDERS have a few dusty old SB trophies on the mantle- they’re old, they’re dusty, but they are indelible.

    Good news is that the RAIDERS have a head start on their rebuild. I’m sure Spanos Jr. will do much better than his old man did.

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