Colts up 14-6, Texans putting top seed at risk


The Texans can clinch home field advantage through the AFC playoffs with a win over the Colts, but nothing they’ve done so far indicates they can do that.

That raises serious questions about what they’ll do in the postseason.

The Texans lost two of their previous three, and have looked sloppy so far offensively today. Quarterback Matt Schaub has thrown an interception, and they’ve managed just 123 yards and a pair of field goals in the first half, looking nothing like the team that started the year 11-1.

J.J. Watt also had a half-sack taken away after a replay review, leaving him two sacks short of Michael Strahan’s single-season record going into the final half of the year.

4 responses to “Colts up 14-6, Texans putting top seed at risk

  1. That flat out TD drop by Andre Johnson is a microcosm of the way the Texans have been playing lately.

    The noose continues to get tighter.

  2. Stevie Wonder could see that Luck fumbled the ball on that Watt/Smith sack. Don’t get how they could have reversed that. Is this the same crew that took away that perfect Jacoby Jones TD last week?

  3. I don’t see any way that wasn’t a fumble by Andrew Luck near the Texans end zone. First it was a fumble, then, if it is ruled a pass, it was a backward pass, making it a lateral, and in essence, a fumble. How can they overturn that? That was unbelievable. I don’t understand this league anymore. I have been a hard NFL fan for a very long time, but after the last two or three years, I care less and less to watch, let alone go to games.

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