Giants send the Eagles out 42-7 losers


Thanks to the Bears win, Sunday’s 42-7 win over the Eagles didn’t wind up meaning anything for the Giants other than a likely spot on the historical record as the final opponent of Andy Reid’s run as coach of the Eagles.

Chicago’s win means that the Giants have been eliminated from playoff contention without even needing to wait for the results of games involving the Vikings and Cowboys. Such is the price you pay for losing by a combined 67-14 score in Weeks 15 and 16.

Reid’s expected to be fired in the coming days after a 4-12 season that ended with 11 losses in the team’s final 12 games. Sunday’s loss looked a lot like the other ones that the team suffered through this season as Michael Vick threw an interception and the defense got gashed time and time again by the Giants offense. They gave up 182 yards to the Ahmad Bradshaw/David Wilson duo and Eli Manning threw five touchdowns in a game for the first time in his career.

If Reid is indeed done, he closes out his run with the Eagles with a record of 130-93-1 in the regular season and a 10-9 record in the postseason. The last of those playoff wins came in 2008, though, and the team has not advanced to the tournament in either of the last two seasons. There figure to be a lot of other changes coming to Philadelphia during the offseason and, judging from their effort level on Sunday, a breath of fresh air is necessary.

As for the Giants, Sunday’s performance was a bit too little a bit too late for the team. They finish with the same 9-7 record they had last year, but the circumstances elsewhere in the league were less forgiving and their title defense is officially over.

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  1. Pretty pathetic ending to the Reid era, I’m at least content knowing that he takes full responsibility, it’s his fault, and time’s mine.

    Thanks coach for the fun and enjoyment you provided year’s ago for us Birds’ fans.

  2. Pathetic sorry excuse of a football team. Thank you egirls for making football unwatchable. Turned the channel on those losers.
    Off season predictions? You may want to tone down the garbage talk this off season. Dream Team and the Vick Dynasty didnt pan out huh?

  3. The way the Giants played the past month, they didn’t deserve to make the playoffs & that is coming from a diehard fan. I’d much rather them not make it than be one & done with a piss-poor showing. I’m not like other Giants fans who want sweeping changes; I chalk 2012 up to a Super Bowl hangover. The most annoying aspect of this season, however, was the drastic highs & lows the team saw this year. When they play like they did today & against the Packers & 49ers, they could beat any team in the NFL. However, they squandered numerous opportunities to control their own destiny. They were one of the four wins the Eagles had this year, losing 19-17; they had no business losing to the Redskins by 1 point 4 weeks ago – they’re clearly the better team of the two; and there was no reason for them to be blown out like they were by the Bengals. Once again they played down to lesser opponents & played up to better opponents. The way they played even they were at their best makes me believe that there should be very little change with personnel. One change I do believe needs to be made is a change-up of on-field captains because its clear they can’t get up for important games. Eli is the leader on offense, so that should stay. On the other side of the ball, Tuck needs to be stripped of his “C” if not his roster spot as a whole. I’ve always loved Tuck, being a big Notre Dame & Giants fan, but I lost a lot of respect for him this year. You have players like Terrell Suggs & Justin Smith playing through torn biceps & triceps, respectively, but Tuck couldn’t play through a minor back boo boo last week against the Ravens with their season on the line. Tuck hasn’t been the same player since Flozell Adams cheap-shot him & tore his shoulder labrum. Antrel Rolle was the real leader of the defense this year & he displayed it through both his words & his Pro Bowl worthy play. He should be rewarded by being named the defensive captain for 2013.

  4. Great post kappy and agree with everything you wrote,I’ve been saying superbowl hangover or it’s basically impossible to repeat for a while now,it is what it is…the foundation is there,we saw some nice playing by 2 rookies Wilson/randle so the future looks bright,it’s gonna be nice to see the eagles in the basement for a while..since Detroit lost I’m so glad I don’t have to root for the skins,I want them out..

  5. As like many other Giants season, I need to have my Xanax refilled, what with all of the ups and downs. Too little, too late boys.

  6. Arrogantnation:

    Eagles will always be a trash organization.


    Let me guess, you’re a redskins fan and witnessing the first winning season of your life, right?

  7. In my 61 years following the Giants this was the oddest. This was truly a schizophrenic team. I had no idea what I was going to get week to week. At some point I think it has to come down to coaching, although that may be too simplistic. Injuries play a part but they play a part for everyone. Tom, we’re the same age and I know I’m not as sharp as I once was. And I have no idea how both the offense and defense could be so up and down all year long. A number of personnel changes may have to be made this year. Might be just as well for them to start with a whole new system.

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