Russell Wilson, Luke Kuechly are the NFL rookies of the month

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Days after they were named the PFT offensive and defensive rookies of the year, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly have received a couple of less prestigious awards.

The NFL has announced that Wilson and Kuechly are the league’s offensive and defensive rookies of the month for December.

Wilson led the Seahawks to a 5-0 record in December, completing 65.5 percent of his passes, gaining 1,067 passing yards and throwing nine touchdowns and two interceptions. His passer rating in December was 115.2, the highest in the league last month, and he ran for 262 yards and four touchdowns in December as well. The Seahawks had three blowout wins and two close wins in December, and Wilson led the game-winning drives in the two close ones.

Kuechly led the NFL with 59 tackles and 44 solo tackles during December as the Panthers shook off their disappointing start to win four of their last five games. Kuechly had at least eight tackles in all five December games, including a season-high 16 in the Panthers’ Week 14 upset of the Falcons.

20 responses to “Russell Wilson, Luke Kuechly are the NFL rookies of the month

  1. In the same way many great talents of the 90’s in the NBA never won the big one because of Jordan, Russ will never be able to surpass Mount. Griffin. Good player but not legendary like Robert Griffin the 3rd. Playoffs and SB’s are where RGIII shines.

  2. LOL at the already “legendary” Robert Griffin the 3rd. Maybe we should let him win a playoff game first.

  3. Every Wilson forum Redskin fans pollute with their nonsense. Take a breather from the basement, please. Russell Wilson is having a great year and rookie of the month is well deserved. Luck is having one as well, I hope whoever wins this weekend game of Luck/Wilson/ RG3 wins rookie of the year. I don’t think there is a better player in the NFL to lead the Hawks. They go to war for the kid and I gladly pay money to watch them do so. Go Hawks!

  4. logicalvoicesays January 3, 2013, 12:11 PM CST

    Playoffs and SB’s are where RGIII shines.

    Which you know for certain from his vast amount of experience in the playoffs and super bowl

  5. duncanthecat says:
    Jan 3, 2013 1:32 PM
    Having a patsy schedule helped Wilson.


    Actually, the Seahawks had one of the hardest schedules in the NFL this year, considerably harder than either Bob or Luck.

  6. Patsy Schedule? The only playoff teams the redskins played were the Viking, Ravens, Falcons and Bengals, and they’re 2-2. I’ll grant you a split with the Giants, but really, you beat them when they were shooting themselves.

    Seahawks played Green Bay, Patriots, 49ers (twice) and Vikings and are 4-1, with quality wins over the Bears and Panthers (Redskins lost to em) and a blowout over the Cowboys.

  7. So happy to see Russell Wilson get some well-deserved national recognition for his break-out performance! It is noteworthy that he tied Peyton Manning’s rookie TD record at 26 for the season. Yards and Attempts statistics are nice but being the best at putting points on the board and getting the Ws makes RW’s TD stat hold more weight, IMHO.

    Having the bright media spotlight on pre-determined media darlings RGIII/Luck early in the season was actually helpful in allowing him to quietly develop and start laying down some ‘whoa, where did this guy come from?’ QB performances to make OROY at three-way race.

  8. “Days after they were named the PFT offensive and defensive rookies of the year, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly have received a couple of less prestigious awards.”

    That’s funny. I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there…

    But seriously – if Kuechly doesn’t win DROY there is no justice in this world.

  9. themackstrong says:
    Jan 3, 2013 1:24 PM

    Every Wilson forum Redskin fans pollute with their nonsense.

    FALSE. There’s ONE Redskins fan who pollutes with their nonsense.

  10. Patsy schedule??!! They beat GB, MIN, NE, SF, CHI…. all had 10 wins or more and 4 out of 5 are playoff teams.

    Don’t be disrespectful. PLUS Wilson outplayed the opposing QBs in those games. Wilson is the real deal.

  11. Faster runner (who can’t protect himself) RG3. Most passes thrown to both his team and the opponent – Andy Luck. The best overall game and command of the game – Russell Wilson.

  12. mlander12 says:
    Jan 3, 2013 1:52 PM

    Are you really trying to downplay a fair-and-square Redskins win against the Giants, yet take full credit for a win against the Packers?

    I’m looking forward to a very entertaining game…this should be the type of smashmouth football we got accustomed to seeing before the NFL became a passing league. I’m a Redskins fan but if my team loses I’ll be rooting for the Seahawks the rest of the way.

  13. andyb053 says:
    Jan 3, 2013 3:07 PM

    Fair enough, I didn’t get a chance to watch the Giants game, but by the score it seems like it was a good one, and I’ll grant that the end of the Packers game was questionable (tho one-handed catches happen most every Sunday), but so was the Packers only touchdown drive of the evening with that 3rd down phantom PI.

    It should be a great game and if my Seahawks do lose it, I’ll be rooting for the Redskins, hopefully with much wider margins of victory throughout.

  14. Having a patsy schedule helped Wilson.

    Niners twice (win & loss), Green bay, Chicago, New Egland and Chicago to name a few, all with over 10 win . How many 10 win teams did the ‘Skins beat? Zero!

  15. I’m a huge Seahawk fan and I love Wilson and of course in my bias opinion, he’s the best. But to discount how great RGIII has been would be dumb. Both are great players and IMO are the 2 most fun qb’s to watch in the game right now. Well, besides Sanchez, of course. That’s just pure entertainment.

    I think ROY will go to the qb who goes furthest in the playoffs. All 3 are worthy though.

  16. On Wilson’s passing yardage… he doesn’t have to throw as much as other QB’s. Seattle is one of the most balanced teams playing today. That’s the formula of a championship team- not being one dimensional.

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