Report: Jets GM candidates told they have to keep Rex

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There will apparently be time to add more tattoos, if Rex Ryan chooses.

During a discussion of the Jets general manager candidates, Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork points out an important caveat in the interview process.

He writes, while discussing in-demand 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble, that the “word on the street is that the Jets are telling potential candidates they won’t be considered unless they agree to keep Rex Ryan for a year.”

The fact that the owner said Ryan would remain the day he fired general manager Mike Tannenbaum was a pretty good early sign, but it also speaks to the direction of the franchise.

The guys who have multiple interviews have the benefit of leverage. If two jobs are equal in many respects, the ability to create a cohesive organization by hiring someone who shares your philosophy could tip the scales.

Ryan has clearly been successful in the past, but there might be someone who isn’t interested in or comfortable with his style.

Then again, much of that is predicated on the possibility the Jets are applying logic to the process, which is an assumption that might not be fair to make.

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  1. You would think owners would want their teams to thrive and have the best possibilities to win championships. Not a Jets fan nor do I hate Rex. It’s just ignorant to put a limit on what a potential GM can do. The McCaskey family did this with Emery and Lovie last year. Hot start, cold finish, and now they are set back a year.

    If you’re going to hire a GM, give him the power to do as he pleases. If not, run the team yourself or let the manager do it.

  2. As a GM candidate with choices, going to the Jets means: (1) You have to keep Rex (2) you have to keep Sanchez (3) you have to deal with Tebow (unpopular whatever you do) (4) you inherit a dysfunctional organization where the owner (or someone else???) has interfered and set limits to what you can do. Is this likely to be your first choice?

  3. Remember, Woody Johnson was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and hasn’t proven to be the brightest bulb in the pack so why should this be surprising. No potential GM worth his weight in salt will want to take that job wearing handcuffs. The type of person who would take the position would be controlled by Rexy and thus what have you accomplished. Why the Jets want to wait at least another year before trying to fix their dysfunctional leadership is a mystery. I think Rexy has proven that he may be a good defensive coordinator but is out of his league when it comes to headcoaching.

  4. The Jets have gotten progressively worse. They were once a threat to New England, now they’re not even a concern.

    And they want to KEEP this guy?????

    God bless fools with money, like Woody Johnson

  5. As a GM that would be perfect because that gives you a free pass year.

    Anything that goes wrong you could easily tell the owner “Hey he’s your guy not mine and the team was losing before I got here under him and the team is still losing now so let me pick my guy first before you point any fingers at me.”

  6. In other news water is wet. You think anyone is going into an interview for GM there thinking otherwise?

    That was made obvious when Tannenbaum was sent packing while Rex went on vacation.

    There will definitely be fewer interested in the job with Ryan holding that much juice with the owner.

  7. The fact of the matter is when this guy has a roster with league average talent, he’s a great coach. When he came in, Tannenbaum constructed a win-now roster, and Rex did that.

    I’m not sure Bill Walsh could have won with Mark Sanchez. Still, give Rex a roster with a couple of actual playmakers, and he’ll get you to the playoffs. That’s more than I can say for most Jets coaches during my lifetime.

  8. Hilarious!

    They’ve just neutered their next GM and taken themselves out of the running for the best GM candidates!

    Now, it may be that a good GM would choose to keep Wrecks since that would give the new GM one year to regroup and a scapegoat for a failed season – and opportunity for a fresh start in 2014 when they have cap space – but you let the GM decide and announce that.

    You don’t have the owner announce that the next GM doesn’t have GM powers and expect to attract anyone worth having.

  9. Big deal, if true, Rex stays one more year—as long as the new GM has a chance to change after that one year.

    The Jets are more than a year away from competing for anything so keep Rex for a year and then move on. Its not that big of a deal.

  10. This might actually be a benefit to a new GM. The Jets are going to be horrible next year. They have 7 players with untradeable, uncuttable contracts that take up 67% of their cap. They have a bad roster that can’t get better. They are going to lose a number of decent but overpaid players, Mark Sanchez is likely to be the QB.

    What HC candidate with any choices want to walk into that impossible situation. However if Rex stays, HE will take the heat for the disaster that is sure to come in 2013. THEN in 2014 the GM can hire a new HC and offer him a roster that has had TWO drafts with pick from the top 10 in each round, a decent cap situation, and a low level of expectations.

    So now what looks like a job that anyone who has choices would avoid in 2013, becomes a spot that would attract the best of the 2014 HC’ing candidates.

  11. Wow – they aren’t really going to get an upgrade are they?

    I mean Tannenbaum had his faults but Rex and his mouth makes everything worse, not to mention causes alot of problems in the locker room.

    Smart candidates are going to stay away from that mess.

  12. Patfanken hit the nail on the head. You have a disastrous roster right now. The cap situation on over the top contracts, the glaring holes in the roster and the complete lack of quality QBs in the draft or in free agency means that you aren’t fixing that team this year. You draft well getting an offensive playmaker, bring in role players and depth at the spots you’re dying for it in and see what Ryan can do with that. If you go 2-14, then you fire Ryan, cut Sanchez after a restructure in his contract, trim the fat on the team and make it desirable for someone to come in and coach. Who wants to be saddled with a roster that can’t win in its current state and is locked in for another season?

  13. 2 afc chips and even tho sanchez was terrible they still were in playoff race last 2 years until week 15-16 somewhere around there..

    id say give him a year but i swear to everything above me if i see sanchez starting week 1.. idk, i just dont know lol

  14. I don’t know why anyone is surprised that the jets have struggled these last two years. If I recall the roster that they built that first year was a “win now” roster in that it would only have a two year window before they would have to go into rebuild mode. So, this is exactly was predicted for years ago.

  15. It all makes sense now. At first I thought it was stupid to keep Rex, but here’s the plan. They start rebuilding, trade away older good players for draft picks, let Sanchez work is sup-par magic, encourage Rex to run the circus for another year, and go in the tank to increase their draft order. Then they can blame Rex and Sanzhez, fire them, and start fresh. Hello 2-14 season!

  16. Non-Jets fans still coming here wanting Rex Ryan to leave. I know why you want him out of NY. You want Rex on your team as the defensive coordinator. Steelers fans, NE fans, KC fans, Oak fans, Az fans, and the Rams fans. All NFL teams that don’t have a good defense wants Rex. Miami doesn’t need Rex.They have a good defense.

  17. That’s just what the Bears brass said to Phil Emery when he got hired last year. And look how that turned out for Lovie even after he went 10-6

  18. Any GM candidate will have to agree to it if they want to get their foot in the door. But thats one place you dont want to send your foot in first…

  19. The new GM is going to see that it is the offensive line that needs fixing. McLroy got sacked 11 times, NE players study weakness of players on teams they play against. The Jets should do the same.

  20. Some feel Rex Ryan has a big ego, loud mouth and have no idea what he is doing .

    He my be a genius in some circles.

    This is not to be confused with circus.


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