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Cardinals to interview Jay Gruden


With the drive to hire Andy Reid permanently stalled at the five-yard line, the Cardinals still need a head coach.

And despite spending plenty of time interviewing defensive coordinator Ray Horton, the Cardinals will continue to consider additional candidates.

According to the Cardinals’ official website, Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden will interview for the job this week.

Gruden, the younger brother of former Raiders and Bucs coach Jon Gruden, opted not to pusue head-coaching opportunities in 2012.  This year, he is expected to be interviewed both by the Cardinals and the Eagles.

Speaking of Jon Gruden, an eerie silence has arisen regarding the question of whether he’s ready to return to the NFL.  He may be opting to employ the approach used by college coaches (or that used to be used by college coaches) of discretion and secrecy.  And Jon Gruden is regarded as the most likely candidate to suddenly supplant Jason Garrett, if Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decides that the changes he has promised for 2013 will include changing coaches.

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37 Responses to “Cardinals to interview Jay Gruden”
  1. someidiotfromouthereintheprojects says: Jan 6, 2013 8:47 PM


  2. maltliquor says: Jan 6, 2013 8:53 PM

    Don’t do it, his lack of play calling heled cost the Bengels a playoff game.

  3. goldrush4949 says: Jan 6, 2013 8:56 PM

    First Bill Gramatica and now Jay Gruden? Why do the Cards always go after the lesser talented sibling?

  4. mikebrownfeedsondreams says: Jan 6, 2013 8:56 PM

    He was a nice change for a while. Coming in after Bratkowski made him look like a genius, but that ain’t saying much. After the game he called against the Texans(and quite a few just like it this season), you can have him.

  5. ghostofgilchrist says: Jan 6, 2013 8:56 PM

    So, the Bidwell’s TV was on the blink on Sat.?

  6. tbtrojan says: Jan 6, 2013 8:58 PM

    Did they confuse him with his brother?
    I just don’t get the talk about some coordinators getting head coaching jobs when they have done very little to deserve it.
    It’s not like the Bengals have ranked in the top 10 for yards or points in either season Jay has called the plays and that performance/gameplan on Saturday was laughable.
    The only reason the Bengals made the playoffs the past 2 seasons was Mike Zimmers defense yet he can’t seem to buy an interview for a head coaching position.

  7. vincentbojackson says: Jan 6, 2013 8:58 PM

    Gruden apparently dazzled the Cards with his play calling in yesterday’s playoff game.

  8. johnnyb1976 says: Jan 6, 2013 8:59 PM

    Please hire him Arizona that way we can get someone who knows how to call plays.

  9. cardsfann1 says: Jan 6, 2013 8:59 PM

    I know my Cards are in dire need for a coach besides a qb, o-line that blocks, and a rb that can stay healthy without a bad case of fumbleitis but I don’t think Gruden is the answer. I would much rather the Bidwells throw a ton of money at Cowher to get him to come out of retirement. I wouldn’t be opposed to John Gruden as head coach and his brother as the offensive coordinator and keep Horton as the defensive coordinator. I think that is the only way to get things turned around.

  10. bengalsguy55 says: Jan 6, 2013 9:00 PM

    Stay in Cincy please!!!!

  11. mojosmagic says: Jan 6, 2013 9:02 PM

    Take him. Chucky light sucks.

  12. sellout1983 says: Jan 6, 2013 9:02 PM

    As long as your game plan involves not including your best playmaker in a playoff game i’m sure you’ll be fine. thanks Jay..

  13. usdiveteam says: Jan 6, 2013 9:04 PM

    the Cowboys are not going to replace Jason Garrett and if they did it would be with Mike Holmgren!

  14. mjbulls45 says: Jan 6, 2013 9:04 PM

    i saw his brother jon at the oakland international airport yesterday

  15. cletusvandam says: Jan 6, 2013 9:05 PM

    After the way the Bengals offense looked yesterday this guy should be happy to get interviewed to flip burgers.

  16. randallflagg52 says: Jan 6, 2013 9:14 PM

    I don’t get why these coordinators of mediocre and inconsistent offenses get so much interest as head coach material. If you want to interview a Bengal interview Mike Zimmer, not Jay Gruden…

  17. fitz66 says: Jan 6, 2013 9:14 PM

    Jay Gruden was a reach for Univ. of Tennessee – I still can’t believe they were trying to land Jon.

  18. moerawn says: Jan 6, 2013 9:16 PM

    Gruden to Dallas? Come on.

  19. bittersmuggs says: Jan 6, 2013 9:18 PM

    More of the same for Fitzgerald. Gruden currently coaches one of the top 5 WRs in the NFL and didn’t find a way to get the ball to AJ Green in the first half of yesterday’s game.

  20. onlyopinionthatmatters says: Jan 6, 2013 9:19 PM

    im a huge dallas fan and a huge gruden fan, please dont get my hopes of up for something like that to happen if its not true! the cowboys need a loud, ignorant, foot in the ass kind of coach. thats why they were good with jimmy johnson, switzer, and parcells.
    as for jay gruden, stay where you need to work on your current job before you get promoted..

  21. nbooat says: Jan 6, 2013 9:20 PM

    As a Bengals fan, I highly recommend that the Eagles/Cardinals name Jay Gruden your next head coach…his play calling/schemes are brilliant…Texans defense was completely caught off guard by his plan to not throw the ball to AJ Green in the first half and have no blocking strategy for Texans def (no need to pay attention to their young DE…I believe the fella is named JJ Watt?)…Gruden knew we had a mis match with our TE Gresham (aka Butterfingas)…Gruden also knew it would be beneficial to abandon the ground game (even though we avg over 5 yds/carry)…We didn’t want to slow down their pass rush or make adjustments to our 1 receiver routes (we had them right where we wanted them)! He has done so much to develop our young qb who Gruden has no confidence in!!! Take Maualuga too!!!!

  22. daknight93 says: Jan 6, 2013 9:24 PM

    Jay didn’t involve A.J. Green in playoff loss to Texans, if Cardinals hire him..Fitz will get the same treatment..don’t do it Cards.

  23. realfootballfan says: Jan 6, 2013 9:26 PM

    I’d pass on him for that game plan and playcalling Saturday alone.

  24. nbooat says: Jan 6, 2013 9:37 PM

    If I was as bad at my job as Jay Gruden (or Maualuga) was at his last night, I would not have a job and definitely would not be getting a promotion!!!

  25. ricoq45 says: Jan 6, 2013 9:52 PM

    Cinn play terrible Saturday and for him to coach a team with less talent wrong move

  26. mnnightowl says: Jan 6, 2013 9:56 PM

    Makes sense. They saw how he ignored AJ Green in a playoff game and find him to be a natural fit, and seemless transition, to coach Fitzgerald.

  27. jethrie says: Jan 6, 2013 9:57 PM

    Failing and falling up. Though I do not know whether yesterday was Dalton’s or Gruden’s fault.

  28. jdphx says: Jan 6, 2013 10:09 PM

    Jay Gruden AND the Arizona offense???

    What a nightmare…

    Go ahead and get Pepto-Bismol and Immodium
    to sponsor the team then.

  29. mikebrownistheworstownerinprosports says: Jan 6, 2013 10:31 PM

    Please take Jay! He’s good for young QBs, but his playbook was/is terrible. Very vanilla scheme, doesn’t even use screens, play action, roll-outs or anything. Plus the guy never game planned to attack opponent’s weaknesses. Maybe he’ll be better as a HC (as a motivator), but he’s weak as an OC.

  30. christopher525 says: Jan 6, 2013 10:36 PM

    I love how it’s his play calling that cost them, not the defensive play calling of one of the best defensive coordinators in the league, that cost them the game…

  31. tdubdizzle says: Jan 6, 2013 10:54 PM

    Jay Gruden is a coordinator at best, if the Cards make him their head coach its going to be another couple years of futility. Why dont they just promote Ray Horton? I guess it just makes too much sense..

  32. mazblast says: Jan 7, 2013 12:32 AM

    I’d like to know precisely what Jay Gruden has done to deserve an opportunity like this. It can’t be his work with the Bagels’ offense, especially yesterday.

    The Bugles’ coordinator who deserves a shot is Mike Zimmer, the DC. His defense this year was the best the Bingles have had in many, many seasons, despite that bust in the middle, Maualuga. Zimmer would be the wrong guy for the Cards, who have a good defense and a horrid offense, but he deserves a shot somewhere (Philly?).

    But I guess the Cards are looking at the name with more “sizzle”. That’s why they’re the Cardinals, historically one of the league’s worst franchises.

  33. jersey73 says: Jan 7, 2013 7:34 AM

    If his last name wasn’t Gruden, would we be talking about him? As OC in Cincy, he hasn’t been overly impressive.

  34. bengalsucker says: Jan 7, 2013 7:57 AM

    Last year I would have been begging them to not take Gruden. However, I now realize that Gruden looked like a genius because he followed the “great” Bob Bratkowski whose offense consists of 2yrd run, 2yrd run, incomplete pass, punt. So he wasn’t following a great act. Now it’s obvious he can’t call a good game and our offense obviously needs a TON of help. You guys can have him.

  35. 44mpo says: Jan 7, 2013 8:40 AM

    LOL, It must be a pain to have every reference made about you include your Jon Gruden’s little brother. Even the article about Jay, ended up with an article about Jon.

  36. sungateman says: Jan 7, 2013 8:41 AM

    I love it when Cincy hired him, and then seen what he could do for the past 2 years. I would love to see him go the the Cardinals. He needs a refresher course in ” offensive coordinator 101″.
    He gets an “F” from me !!

  37. sungateman says: Jan 7, 2013 8:47 AM

    I don’ t believe he was offensive coordinator with the Bucs when his brother was head coach. Do you think there was a reason for that??????

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