PFT Live: Should RGIII have been pulled?

In this week’s Wendy’s Rapid Reactions segment, Mike Florio analyzes the events that led to Robert Griffin III re-injuring his knee. Fan reaction was split, but without specifics regard the injury, Florio says we must wait before placing blame.

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2 responses to “PFT Live: Should RGIII have been pulled?

  1. No! He’s your guy! This was a playoff game. You throw it all on the line.
    No “Next Week” in this one.

  2. Let me see if I understand what coach S. said to justify keeping his franchise QB in the game. He mentioned that RG said he was hurt, NOT injured, so that was good with coach S. Well, the MRI is clearly showing that RG WAS / IS injured, so now what? Dr. Anderson was actually PRESENT on the SIDELINES, and the word of a player who has no intention of coming out is the FINAL word on the diagnosis?! You MUST be KIDDING!!

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