Arians out of hospital, on track to interview with Bears


Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians has been hospitalized twice in the past week with an apparent inner-ear infection, once in Baltimore (he missed Sunday’s playoff game) and again in Indianapolis after returning with the team.

According to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, Arians is now out of the hospital again and gearing up for a Sunday interview with the Bears to become the successor to Lovie Smith.

I’m home and I’m doing fine,” Arians said, via Chappell.  “I’m ready to roll.”

In addition to the interview with the Bears, the Eagles, Browns, and Chargers also are interested.

“I have to listen,” Arians told Chappell.  “I never thought this would happen.  I have a great job, so it’s going to have to be a perfect fit for me to leave. . . .  It would be hard to leave . . . [but] you always want to win one of these Super Bowls on your own.”

Regardless of what happens, it’s been an amazing year for Arians.  The Steelers let him go after the 2011 season, claiming he had retired.  But Arians then resurfaced in Indy, and he spent three months as the interim head coach after Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia.

We should all have such uneventful retirements.

24 responses to “Arians out of hospital, on track to interview with Bears

  1. He could always come back to Pittsburgh and be a minor assistant. That’s where he belongs anyway.

  2. Don’t do it Bruce. You’re too good a guy for me to get you fired.

    Jay “CoachKilla” Cutler

  3. Is it only me who feels like the zombie apocalypse is going to start … from Colt headquarters?

    Those guys are sick … bounce back … BOOM.

  4. With Telasco as GM in San Diego Arians said in a radio he would be very interested in the San Diego HC job. And if we can’t get Dungee, we want Arians. Sorry Chicago.

  5. Reason the Colts are out of the playoffs is because this guy was sick a week ago. He’s been the actual “head coach” since the Colts went on a roll. I would love to have this guy coaching my team.

  6. ambitoos says:
    Jan 9, 2013 8:25 PM
    With Telasco as GM in San Diego Arians said in a radio he would be very interested in the San Diego HC job. And if we can’t get Dungee, we want Arians. Sorry Chicago.

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You want The Dunge as your new headcoach? That’s fantastic. Lulz.

  7. If we can’t get one of these OC for head coach, I wouldn’t mind seeing Singletary as HC with Norv Turner as the OC calling plays.

  8. Gotta say, I was really hoping for Cowher to come in and retain Marinelli and grab a nice OC. Since thats not gonna happen, I’m really starting to hope the Bears can pull this off, Let Marinelli keep the D tough, and Re-energize this offense. We started hot and couldn’t keep it rolling. Gotta pick up some o line help and a TE and a few young pieces to mix in with the D, Throw McClellin in the Middle, resign Melton, and put in work next year.

  9. People close to him said Chicago (radio interview with Colts beat writer on CJH on espn1000) would be his preferred team. I think it’s because Jay probably reminds him a lot of Big Ben and they have a good D ready to roll as soon as he comes to town… getting that Super Bowl is much easier when one side of the ball is already gtg

  10. He’s obviously a great coach, and he’s definitely going to go to leave to be a HC somewhere. It’s a shame, because I think with him and Chuck together in Indy they could accomplish a lot… but not a lot of people are going to turn down a promotion. Especially in this scapegoat era where coordinators get forced into retirement and thrown overboard the second the ship starts to sink.

  11. He has a great offensive mind and Super Bowls to back it up. Cutler in Chicago should be foaming at the mouth to get him as his head coach.

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