Reports from Chicago cast doubt on Trestman having Bears job locked up


Early Friday morning, Jimmy Johnson sent out a tweet suggesting current Montreal Alouettes coach and former Johnson assistant Marc Trestman would be the next coach of the Chicago Bears.

As Florio pointed out earlier, the Bears have declined comment about Johnson’s tweet. Beat writers covering the team aren’t being so shy about casting doubt on the report. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune and Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times both report that there are more interviews scheduled in Chicago and other national reporters have issued the same responses to the news that Trestman has gotten the job.

The Bears have interviews scheduled with Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison, Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and Colts Bruce Arians in the next three days and there’s no word that those interviews have been scrapped. Beyond that, the Bears sent out word early in the process that they would have a second round of interviews with finalists before making their choice. The first round hasn’t wrapped up yet, which is further reason to believe things are still unsettled in Chicago.

None of that means Trestman won’t wind up being the Bears’ coach when all is said and done, but it does indicate that there hasn’t been any kind of decision made by the team at this point in the process.

15 responses to “Reports from Chicago cast doubt on Trestman having Bears job locked up

  1. Jimmy Johnson is an idiot…And Trestman is the last guy, along with any ST coach not named Toub, that I want to see coaching the Bears.

  2. Emery knows that Greg Roman.. Mike McCoy.. and Pete Carmichal Jr
    are better Coaches. Emery aint done interviewing Coaches yet. Let just trust the man to do the job.

  3. As a Packer fan, please let this be true – it will be even better than having Lovie stick around for another year or two.

  4. Okay, let me retract my earlier post…Having read up on Trestman a little more, I think he would be okay, but I still like Arians or even Dennison.

  5. I really wish people would read up on certain candidates before completely dismissing them. Trestman has loads of experiences, and success seems to come wherever he lands. Multiple quarterbacks seem to have had their best years with him as OC/QB coach. He’s been coaching in the CFL for four years and has won two championships. He’s clearly shown he has ability to adapt, transitioning from an OC in the NFL to a head coach in the CFL, yet still having success.

    Just based on his past success, I would like him plenty more than the majority of the other potential candidates. Obviously this is ferocious amounts of speculation, as none of us know how the interview went.

  6. This one car funeral still has a long way to run but on the surface it appears to have the same pace as the Bears play calling, which is why the Bears never have any time-outs left during a 2 minute drill.

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