Cowboys quietly looking for new offensive coordinator


Over the weekend, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is pushing coach Jason Garrett to give up his play-calling duties.

The process continues.  Per a league source, the Cowboys are quietly looking for a new offensive coordinator.

Currently, Bill Callahan serves as both the offensive coordinator and the offensive line coach.  A new offensive coordinator presumably would call the plays instead of Garrett.

But Garrett, we’re told, is resisting the move.  And if it happens, he wants someone who has no head-coaching experience.

The Princeton-educated Garrett didn’t need to go to Princeton to realize that an offensive coordinator with head-coaching experience can become a convenient interim head coach, if Jones decides during a given season to make a change.

The Cowboys have said nothing in response to Mortensen’s report.  Which fairly can be interpreted to mean that the report is accurate, and that the discomfort Jones promised at Valley Ranch extends beyond the firing of running backs coach Skip Peete and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

68 responses to “Cowboys quietly looking for new offensive coordinator

  1. HMMMZ..HE WANTS an offensive coordinator with NO head coaching experience?? sounds like he’s alil paranoid for his job

  2. Assistant coach….gone, defensive coordinator……gone, headcoach……soon to be gone……….I can’t wait til Jerrah works his way up to the GM !!

  3. Perhaps Mr. Jones will hire himself for this position. He can then legitimately call down to the sideline with the plays.

  4. Why doesn’t Jerry just man up and throw a bunch of money at Gruden? It’s obvious that’s what he wants to do. The only thing I can figure is he’s trying to get Garrett to walk out on his contract but that’s just not going to happen

  5. Thank the heavens. Jason Garrett should go, but next best option is having an OC FINALLY in Dallas. As a Boys fan though I still feel its all moot, so long as Jason Garrett and Tony Romo are in the picture. Playoffs? Sure. Superbowl? Not with them. I hope Im wrong, but history is against that.

  6. Jerry and Monte are setting the table for Lane to move in as sanctions hit USC next season. More years of struggle as long as Romo is the QB.

  7. So the running back coach that made Murray a success got fired. Rob Ryan, had no defensive players to work with got fired. If you ask me first ones should’ve been the secondary coach and offensive coordinator.

  8. Why didn’t Jones just fire Garrett? Why play this game? The stage is set for Jon Gruden with Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli running a Cover 2 style defense in Big D. Callahan is also Gruden’s guy. Why not just fire Garrett? Get it over with it already.

  9. Hell Jerrah, save yourself some money and name yourself : owner, president, general manager, headcoach, defensive coordinator, and offensive coordinator cuz we all know your the greatest!

  10. Jon Gruden’s guy is Bill Callahan. He’s already on the staff.

    The ghosts from Dallas Past like Chan Gailey and Tony Sparano would be poor hires as OC. Might as well just fire Garrett. Ge it over with Jerry.

  11. It’s not gruden the cowboys want. It’s holmgren. All this kiffin and gruden getting back together it ain’t happening. Gruden and monte had a bad split so these moves aren’t to get gruden it’s to get holmgren trust and believe it. Holmgren wants the cowboys and now that all the coaching moves are complete and Garrett won’t be an offensive coordinator this year the hammer is gonna drop.

  12. Playing musical chairs with coaches and play calling duties isn’t going to cause much of a difference. As long as JJ isn’t willing to give up his player personnel decisions, then this team is going to be quiet in all of the areas that count.

    8-8 year in and year out is what I see in their future.

  13. WHATTT?

    Garrett can’t go!

    Your telling me 3rd down and inches isn’t a good time to call for a deep ball?

    Watching Garrett as a play caller remindes me of Myself playing Madden 94.

  14. Has anyone in Dallas thought that since Jason Garret wants to call plays then he should be demoted to the offensive coordinator and just let someone else be the head coach?
    Maybe that is too simple or too outside the box.

  15. Micro management doesn’t work. As long as Jerry is around it won’t make any difference who is OC, DC or head coach.

    Get rid of Jerry and the CowBabies will return as America’s Team.

  16. Given his reputation, I’d be surprised if Jones lets Garrett call the shots on his hire. They should think about bringing back Chan Gailey as an OC this time. He’s a great OC. And if I were Garrett, I’d be a lot less paranoid about having Gailey as my OC–despite his head-coaching experience–than having Jay Gruden.

  17. Just fire Garrett, already. When you don’t let your head coach pick his staff, you neuter him. Garrett is probably begging to be fired, at this point. Al Davis must be looking up from hell and smiling at his Jedi, Jerry Jones. The mediocrity continues. What a joke.

  18. What’s interesting is that Chucky had Bill Callahan as his OC in Oakland and had Lane Kiffin as his DC in Tampa. It’s gotta be Gruden.

  19. This franchise is so freaking messed up.. The old senile dude at the helm needs to step down or they will end up as the NFC version of the N.Y Jets..

  20. To think he could’ve been the coach in Baltimore. Thank goodness he turned it down. Baltimore’s better off and Dallas still stinks. Harbaugh all the way go ravens

  21. Lovie Smith?

    One begins to speculate why Jerry keeps Jason around…..

    Cowboys: once America’s team. Now the official pizza delivery drivers of the NFL, run by a cook who never spent a day in the kitchen.

  22. I love how in all the pictures with JJ, Garrett looks like a little lost puppy dog! He knows his time is coming and just trying to prevent the inevitable. Thanks for trying JG, but you have failed and time to move on.

  23. I agree the Cowboys need an new OC as JG’s offense was vanilla even before he became head coach. But, the talk of getting rid of Romo is ridiculous. Who are they gonna get to replace him? There aren’t any QB’s that will hit the market better than him, and the QB crop for the the draft is bleek as well. What they need is a GM. That is the heart of the problem. Jerry needs to shut up, sign the checks, and stay in his box. Let him worry about Victoria’s Secret and anything else he wants to do to the palace and let a football guy take care of the team. That won’t happen, so any talk on the Cowboys improving from their downward spiral into mediocrity is useless and futile. This is coming from a fan of Dallas since 75.

  24. Why not bring in Mike Mularkey to call the plays…He is a good offensive coordinator when he was with Atlanta and not a good head coach with the Bills and Jags so there wont be much of a threat to Garrett from him.

  25. It’s just not working out with Garrett as head coach or O.C.

    So why not move on Jerry? Garrett isn’t going to like the new arrangement and you can probably find a better play caller if you allow him to be head coach. Avoiding the real issue here.

  26. Hello John Gruden, Garrett will quit or get fired and Gruden will be the next head coach in Dallas which is what we need, someone to put there foot up some of these players ass, last year towards the end of the season was the first time in years that I have seen them play as a team, now we need that to continue in 2013 and Gruden would be able to make sure the days of the Dallas Cowboys Country Club turns into a real practice field, He wont have the players telling him what to do Gruden simply won’t put up with that crap, we have players on the Dallas team that are a bunch of rich spoiled little baby’s, and need to be taught on how to play like a team that wants a championship, not all of them but a lot of them. If Gruden is in Dallas THAT WILL END AND DALLAS WILL BE BACK ON TRACK. Of course the main question is can Gruden deal with Jerry Jones.

  27. If Jerry agreed to Jason’s stipulation that the OC not have head coaching experience then Jason boxed him in quite nicely as most of the competent OC’s are former HC’s. But then to have that stipulation out there at all defines Garrett as a low confidence guy.

  28. There are only TWO owners who serve as GM and neither are in the playoffs. Jones needs to swallow his pride for the good of Cowboy nation and hire a GM and let them and their team make all decisions. Good luck with that!!

  29. Jerry just fire Garrett already. He has been coaching for the boys since 2007 first offensive coordinator he sucked at that then asst head coach n sucked at that. Then interim head coach n sucked at that why in the hell would you even make him the head coach. Man up Jerry and do what’s best for the team n send jim packing.

  30. Its your team Jerry just go out and find a offensive coordinator with head coaching experience screw what Garrett wants. Please just bring in gruden and fire Garrett he sucks never was good n never will be good. Your making yourself look like you don’t care about your team by keeping Garrett here. I’ll ask again PLEASE bring in Gruden

  31. jerry is not going to fire garrett. garrett is jerry jones tom landry. jerry still believes that jason can get the job done. jason is trying to establish a “cowboy culture” in big d an the process is taking longer than espected due to jason on the job training as a head coach. Even if the cowboys take a step backwards next season. I don’t see jerry firing jason, because jerry wants stablity an continuity to the franchise.

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