Report: Carmichael will turn down interviews, intends to stay with Saints


Earlier on Thursday there was a report that the Jaguars have requested permission to interview Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael for the same role on new coach Gus Bradley’s staff.

It doesn’t look like an interview will happen and not because the Saints will block Carmichael, whose contract with the team expires shortly. Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that Carmichael is expected to turn down the Jacksonville request because his intention is to remain with the Saints.

Holder also reports that he’ll turn down an interview request from the Eagles, although we haven’t heard of any formal request being made before or after Chip Kelly was hired as the head coach.

Carmichael has been on Sean Payton’s staff since Payton took over as the head coach in 2006. It’s been one of the league’s most potent offenses in that period, a record that helped Carmichael get an interview for a head coaching job in Chicago this month. Another year and another powerful Saints offense could get him even more looks for the next step up the ladder at this time in 2014.

12 responses to “Report: Carmichael will turn down interviews, intends to stay with Saints

  1. Looking at the QB situations for Jax and Philly as they stand right now, it’s not a surprise.

    Drew Brees would make me look like an awesome Offensive Coordinator.

  2. Being the Saints offensive coordinator would be about as challenging as being Tiger’s caddy in 2000.

  3. Why would he leave? He’s going to be reunited with Payton and Brees next year. Of course he plans on reclaiming the title of the NFC South for New Orleans, where it rightfully belongs.

  4. Sean Payton must have told a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend to tell Carmichael that he’ll be re-signed as soon as he gets reinstated.

  5. Jags should keep Bob Bratkowski to give Gabbert a break. Four different head coaches, four different quarterback coaches, and three different offensive co-ordinators/offensive systems, in less than two years that Blaine has been a Jaguar is a bit much to deal with.

  6. All this coach shuffling, for what? Pete Carmichael is a known name because he has a great offense around him. All these coordinators get jobs because of the players, Steve Spags with the Giants, Gus Bradley with the Seahawks, Joe Philbin with the Packers, Rex Ryan with the Ravens, etc. It’s a joke.

  7. If

    Carmichael isn’t the only one running that offense. If he is content then move down the line to the qb coach Joe Lombardi. He’s been working under Sean Payton for five years. Give him a shot at Gabbart.

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