If 49ers wanted to change kickers, it can’t be Cundiff

At this point, the 49ers almost have no choice but to stick with kicker David Akers.

But if they did decide to bring in another one, their first choice is off the table. Billy Cundiff, who was signed to light a fire under Akers’ seat earlier this month, would be ineliglble to return, according to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com.

For the same reason disgruntled running back Brandon Jacobs was effectively stashed once the playoffs began (since waiver claims aren’t filed until after the Super Bowl), Cundiff can’t come back to play for the 49ers after they released him Friday.

Akers hit the upright with a 38-yard field goal yesterday, the latest in a series of shaky performances this year, which will doubtless undermine whatever bit of confidence they had left in him.

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  1. Rackers? Keep them both active for the game and have Akers handle kickoffs. Deactivate one of the wideouts. At this point I would rather have Ginn take the 3rd WR than Jenkins or they can release the other guy they were forced to activate when cutting Cundiff

  2. I’ve always loved David Akers, and I am disappointed to see it end like this for him.

    But seriously, Harbaugh’s loyalty to him is beginning to border on psychopathic.

    I mean, this guy statistically was the worst kicker in the league. He had one big kick to make on Sunday and he missed it.

    Injury or no injury, Akers is so far up in his own head at this point that almost anyone would be better.

    And for him to say he had an “almost perfect” game because he managed to kick the ball into the end zone on kickoffs IN A DOME and make 4 extra points is all the more reason to realize that this guy psychologically is just not there.

  3. lionsdraftguy says: Jan 21, 2013 2:40 PM

    Cundiff cant join the 49ers because hes way too classy for that classless organization.

    This coming from a lions guy. Oh this is rich.

  4. lionsdraftguy says:

    Cundiff cant join the 49ers because hes way too classy for that classless organization.


    That’s a pretty big statement coming from a lions fan…

  5. It’ll be funny if, when Akers needs to make an extra point during the Superbowl, the cameras pan over to the sidelines to see all the players on one knee holding hands in prayer.

  6. Says the fan of a team who was close to shattering the single year arrest record set by the Cowboys of the mid-90s. Let’s not forget Suh thinking he is in an mma match…..actually stomping a downed opponent is illegal there to. How about whiney career coach trying to get in Harbaugh’s face with the whole “hold me back someone hold me back!” Routine? Or the fact that your team followed up a playoff appearance with such a quick fall off it’s worthy of comparison to Icky Woods?

    I pulled for the Lions when they didn’t play the 9ers til this season when people like you came up. Now I hope the 49ers keep embarrassing the Lions for a long time.

  7. lionsdraftguy says:
    Jan 21, 2013 2:40 PM
    Cundiff cant join the 49ers because hes way too classy for that classless organization.
    Can’t think of a more pathetic guy than a fan of a team that has the likes of Suh, Titus Young, Schnartz talking about some other organization as classless. Him and Mr Wright 212 and mjkell77.

    This guy trash talks about niners while using the support of other winning team (cuz he can’t use the lions).

    Enjoy the early holidays fellas.

  8. Cundiff cant join the 49ers because hes way too classy for that classless organization.

    Another Jealous Lions peep wishing his organization was half as good as the 9ers! Just too funny lol. Coming from a fan of the team that derailed Barry Sanders career and you wanna talk about class!! Have fun watching the Superbowl kid!

  9. Akers is such a great guy. Charitable, truthful. I would hate to see him get another shot at a Super Bowl and blow it. He deserves better. Philly has your back David!

  10. It is almost pointless to second guess the Genghis Khan of head coaches : Jim Harbaugh . The 49er organization has seen the best and the worst coaches known to football. It used to be easy to critique our coaches,no longer.

    With the above disclaimer ,I will try. There isn’t a kicker out there that can be money from 40 yds. or less ? Are you kidding me ? The idea of dropping a wide out spot for 2 kickers is one option. I’ll leave it up to the 49er coaching staff to fix this before the S.B. and it must be addressed. Harbaugh has no problem making decisions.

  11. Have always liked Akers, and was a fantasy beast last year. However, most of my daughters soccer team is more reliable from 30 yards out this season. Very odd.
    Pick up any available Arena kicker – they’re used to hitting much more narrow goals.

  12. Jose Cortez has notified the 49ers that he is available for the kicker duty. He is willing to take less money with a condition that former guard Larry Allen is not present in the stadium.

  13. Jacobs gets an NFL championship ring
    and would get a Super Bowl ring if the
    niners win. Would help the pain.

  14. At least we saw Ryan get hurt, unlike the mystery “injuries” to Brady and Welker that are going to keep them safe and sound at home… Belichick is a lying dog.

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