Jerry Jones, Jay Ratliff meet


During the 2012 regular season, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and nose tackle Jay Ratliff had a heated exchange in the locker room.  On Wednesday, they had another meeting.

This one happened as a result of Ratliff’s recent DUI arrest.  According to Calvin Watkins of, it happened at the team’s facility after Jones returned from the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

Under the labor deal, teams technically have no ability to discipline players for violations of the personal-conduct policy or the substance-abuse policy.  Under the standard player contract, a player can be cut for such violations.

Sometimes, teams impose discipline for arrests short of cutting the player, and the player rarely challenges the penalty.

Significant action is possible in this case, given that the incident comes less than two months after linebacker Jerry Brown died in an vehicle driven by nose tackle Josh Brent, at a time when Brent’s blood-alcohol concentration was twice the legal limit.

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  1. What good, after losing a teammate to drunken driving, does a meeting do? Some people are just too hard-headed and ego-centric to get through too.

    After all, is it really that hard? Call a cab, get a DD or, the easiest of all, don’t drink in a location which requires driving. How much of a problem does one have to have to justify drunken driving?

  2. There was a time when I would make fun of the Cowboys and revel in their misfortunes. Now, I just feel real bad for their fans and franchise and hope they can turn things around.

  3. Cut him. Obviously there are players in that locker room who need to see that even in Jerry’s world, there are on-field consequences for stupid behavior. Maybe they didn’t get that message when they saw that Josh Brent was still briefly welcomed on the sidelines after killing their teammate in the earlier DUI.

  4. I think ratliff would benefit from a fresh start, but he could also benefit from counseling or support. Obviously he needs to be disciplined for making such a bonehead move, especially when there was debate on if he would be cut.

    BUT, dallas is losing anthony spencer and ratliff was supposed to excel in the 4-3 this year, not to mention before this year ratliff was considered a leader/perennial pro bowler, but a year of injuries and controversies, I just think he has something going on. This is his first off the field issue in his decade long career which can’t be forgotten. Discipline/support might go far with him and cutting him may just exacerbate his issues and leave a major hole on the defense at the same time.

  5. Ratliff is a big key in making the Cowboys defense respectable again, but after the incident this season in Dallas, Jerry has to take some sort of action against Ratliff.

    I understand those that will say Ratliff will be disciplined by “the law” here, but his actions reflected poorly on the NFL brand and Jerry’s Cowboys brand. He should have every right in disciplining Ratliff here.

  6. Can’t legislate common sense.

    The severity of any penalties Jerrah imposes will be inversely proportional to Ratcliff’s importance to the team.

  7. The heated exchange you write about came when Jones decided, after a loss, to tear into Ratliff because he wasn’t healing as fast as Jerry wanted from an injury. Why was he needed so badly? Because Josh Brent had just had a DUI accident and couldn’t play. Jerry can cut Ratliff if he wants but then he’s got 2 spots to fill on the D-line.

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