NFL scouts not impressed with Denard Robinson

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Denard Robinson gained more rushing yards at Michigan than any other quarterback in major college football history, but NFL scouts seem unconvinced that he has what it takes to make it at the next level.

Robinson doesn’t have an NFL arm and will have to move to another position in the pros, and his work as a wide receiver at Senior Bowl practices this week has been met with disappointing reviews.

“Not good,” one AFC scout told the Detroit Free Press. “I think he took himself from like the third, fourth round to like the sixth, seventh round.”

No one doubts that Robinson has the talent to make plays with the ball in his hands, but he may be too small to play running back. And so far, Robinson hasn’t shown off the hands that he’d need to play receiver or return kicks.

“He’s got to catch the ball a lot better,” an NFC scout said. “I have no idea at this point what I would do. He’s not a corner, he’s an offensive skill guy, but where do you put him?”

That’s the big question. Robinson has talent, but that doesn’t mean he has a place in the NFL.

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  1. This is why the NFL needs a minor league system… Place to develop talent and coaches.

    They should’ve brought the UFL but I heard USFL is coming back

  2. I want him to play a similar role to Percy Harvin in the Redskins option packages. Give him some work in the slot and line him up in the backfield 4-5 snaps a game. Could be fun.

  3. This is a guy who will most likely wind up in the CFL, and probably do pretty well for himself. If Henry Burris can do it, I would image Denard can as well.

  4. Wasn’t he touted as a Heisman candidate pre-season?

    I guess we will have to wait until draft day to see what the pros really think about him.

    It seems to me he has filled a niche in college that doesn’t exist in the NFL.

  5. I don’t think some of you that are commenting watched the Michigan games. Robinson is a much much much worse passer than Tebow. His biggest issue is accuracy and decision making. He throws so many killer interceptions. In fact, they yanked him from the QB position towards the end of the season and put him at RB and the team got so much better. Although he has great speed he is very short and small in stature so running the option or pistol in the NFL will not be an option. I mean like RGIII he just looks fragile. He may be a change of pace RB or return man. He is unlikely to be big enough to do 20 carries a game to be the featured RB.

  6. Why not just say it? He isnt good enough at anything to play in the NFL? I am a huge Uof M fan. I have seen Robinson play. He is a horrible passer. He can run, but lets be realistic here. The teams that these premier Colleges play are joke. I could put up 200 yards rushing against Appalachian State University. Denard didnt do as well against good college teams. So what if he ran all those yards off? He got the bulk of them playing teams that had no business being scheduled against Michigan. Devin Gardner played way better than Robinson ever did. Anyone who takes Robinson in the draft is wasting a pick if they use anything but a last rounder on him.

  7. SO, let me get this straight… he’s electric with the ball in his hands, but can’t catch too well… so make him a damn running back! You’re telling me this guy is too small while Darren Sproles runs wild in the NFL? C’mon…

  8. It’s okay even if he’s a UFA. He can choose his team and he’s better off picking the one where his niche (although unknown) can be found.

  9. rudy5618 says:
    Jan 24, 2013 11:11 AM
    In fact, they yanked him from the QB position towards the end of the season and put him at RB and the team got so much better.

    They didn’t “yank him”. He got injured and had nerve damage in his elbow and was unable to grip the ball. So left with an injury v Nebraska (replaced by Bellomy). After Bellomy played poorly UM turned to Gardner to replace him. He did play some QB the rest of the year after sitting out 2 games with injury, but he never attempted a pass in regular season game after the injury, and only one pass in the Outback bowl. Implying that he was benched for performance is *horribly* inaccurate and ironic when you criticize others for not watching UM football.

    He’ll translate fine to the NFL at some athlete type position and a KR/PR once he adapts to doing something he’s never been taught to do before, which takes time. It’s all about where someone wants to take a developmental player. His measurements and performance at the combine will likely have an effect on that.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if he put in work at WR and held a pro day to show what he’s learned as it gets closer to the draft.

  10. “This is why the NFL needs a minor league system… Place to develop talent and coaches.”

    You mean like college?

  11. R. Wilson’s success is going to play a major role in making scouts “confused” as to what they previously thought was important. That said, I think its better to assume R. Wilson is special, than to assume there are a bunch of Wilsons out there to be had.

    Seattle got straight up lucky in Wilson. That isn’t going to happen all the time.

  12. This UM alum enjoyed the electricity that ‘Shoelace’ brought to the game. He single handedly returned excitement to the Big House. He is bright and personable off the field. While talented, he is inconsistent across the board. He makes poor decisions and has never really progressed from the ‘raw’ talent stage. When you take his ability, his football knowledge, his sustainability, his size into consideration, I, sadly, agree that it is unlikely he has a future in the NFL; and I, for one, will miss him.

  13. “The teams that these premier Colleges play are joke. I could put up 200 yards rushing against Appalachian State University”

    Michigan lost to App State. IN the big house. I’d pick a different school for your bad argument.

  14. There is always a place for talent in the NFL. Just need the right coach that knows how to utilize it.

  15. College Football IS NOT a minor league! The level of competition is not up to par with NFL play and some schools deviate away from pro style of playing. Minor league would help players & coaches gear towards getting on a NFL team and not trying to be ranked #1 in the BCS. Two different objectives and outcomes… obviously a need for a minor league!

    That’s like comparing the D-League to NCAA teams… A lot of those college “Stars” are in the D-League on the same team where as those average college players are now working a 9 to 5!

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