Eagles add another assistant to Kelly’s staff


The Eagles are adding another college coach to work with their offense.

According to Bruce Feldman of CBSSports.com, new Eagles coach Chip Kelly is adding University of Virginia offensive coordinator Bill Lazor to his staff, though the position wasn’t specified.

Unlike Kelly though, Lazor has worked in the NFL, as the quarterbacks coach for the Seahawks and Redskins, in addition to working as an assistant for the Falcons. He was a candidate for a job with the Buccaneers last year.

Naturally, the Eagles haven’t announced anything, as they had newly hired assistants walking around in Eagles gear at the Senior Bowl saying “no comment.”

10 responses to “Eagles add another assistant to Kelly’s staff

  1. Oh this is painful to hear. The only thing offensive about UVA is UVA itself. They haven’t had a good offense in more then 10 years. How is this going to help Philly?

  2. Right gnorules, because we all know OCs can step into a Tier 2 (at best) college program and turn it around single-handedly in just 2 years.

  3. I say at least 5 years in the NFC EAST basement …. until Howie & Jeffy’s next bad hire …. Haha Haha …. your not in Oregon any more chipper !!!!

  4. Oh boy…

    If we were going the college route, I wish it would have been last year, and we kept Schiano up here in the northeast.

    But yet again…here we go in Philly, doing everything one step late. And getting Chip Kelly and this gimmicky game, and a bunch of college assistants.

    He will be gone in 3 years with a very dismal pro record.

  5. Lazor is from Scranton. And there ain’t no offense like a Scranton offense cuz a Scranton offense don’t stop.

  6. Can we at least give these guys 8 games before we judge their effectiveness? Geesh. Nobody on here, including myself, knows anything about coaching or what kind of mix makes up a good coaching staff.

  7. murdz31 says:
    Jan 29, 2013 11:38 AM
    Anyone know if the Eagles hired a strength and conditioning coach yet?

    Howie will handle thosw duties personnally.

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