ProFootballTalk: Lewis in jeopardy of missing Super Bowl?

It’s being reported Ray Lewis may have used a banned substance to recover from a triceps injury, and Mike Florio shoots down any indication that Lewis might be suspended from playing in the Super Bowl.

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4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Lewis in jeopardy of missing Super Bowl?

  1. So a suspect individual makes an unsubstantiated claim, at a fortuitous time, reported by a news organization who admits that it lacks verifiable evidence, and PFT runs with it as ”reported he may have,” taking advantage of the average American’s appauling lack of understanding of their own language.

    I see.

  2. Gosh! Lewis returns in 6 weeks from a career ending type of injury that should take over a year to heal and he “may have” used a banned substance. I’m SHOCKED that such an allegation should be made. Wake up reed20fence. Don’t be such a blind fanboy!

  3. He was hurt in week 5 and returned in week 18. That’s 13 weeks. 3 months.

    And I’m backtracking after the legally-safe answer Harbaugh gave to the issue.

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