Flacco hasn’t let contract talk become a distraction


As impressive as his deep ball skills, Joe Flacco’s ability to keep discussion of his contract situation at arm’s length is exceptional.

While the looming contract negotiations for a quarterback in the Super Bowl have the potential to be a huge storyline, it has barely moved the needle in New Orleans.

Much of that is because Flacco himself has taken a low-key approach, refusing to make it an issue.

There were talks last summer, but when they weren’t fruitful, they were tabled until this offseason, when his rookie contract expires.

“Well, it’s real simple: We didn’t agree on a number and I didn’t really care to discuss it any further once it got to that point,” Flacco said Thursday, via the Baltimore Sun. “And the bottom line is I’m not the guy going up to their offices negotiating with them every day. It was really never a concern of mine and I never even thought about it. In the offseason, you think about it a little bit. They’re really all good thoughts. It’s a good problem to have and be talking about.”

The other reason there’s no cause for alarm is that he’s not going anywhere. The Ravens can use the franchise tag on him for $14.6 million, and certainly would if they don’t reach a long-term deal before then.

7 responses to “Flacco hasn’t let contract talk become a distraction

  1. This is the man who got them here plus great catches by receivers not Ray Ray. Ravens need to keep him.

  2. What i think Joe and Ozzie need to realize is i think there SHOULD be a 6 million/yr. difference in his negotiations affected with the outcome of the Superbowl game. Yea he was a major part and were playing in the game but if Flacco is convinced with just that then thats not the quarterback that i want for the next 5 years. I want the guy to go win it and bring it back to baltimore. But if he loses the game and plays like hes playing the houston texans ( 21 for 43, 147 yards, 1 td, 2 picks) then we will no he took no leap to the elite and hes the same UPitt backup quality guy and we go into rebuild mode. Flacco, ozzie is watching….

  3. Why worry about a lot of money when, if you when the Superbowl, you can worry next week about even more money? Concentrate on the Super Bowl, son, and then you can go get your money!

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