Bernard Pollard says Ed Reed “has to come back” to Ravens

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Ravens safety Ed Reed is due to become a free agent.  Some believe that the Patriots could try to sign him.

Teammate Bernard Pollard thinks it shouldn’t come to that, and that the Ravens and Reed should continue their long-term relationship.

They’re gonna do everything they can,” Pollard told SportsRadio 610 in Houston.  “Obviously, I don’t know what the front office is going to do.  But you’ve got to believe and trust that they’re going to try to do everything they can to lock a future Hall of Famer up.  He has been great to this organization, to this city. . . .  Coach Harbaugh is pulling for them to lock him up, and I know Ed wants to be here.  We all want Ed here. . . .  He has to come back.”

It’s easy to say that, especially in the wake of the Ravens capturing the true essence of “team” en route to a Super Bowl win.  But the challenge for the Ravens and the players who are due to become free agents or who have contracts that carry large cap numbers will be to determine whether a balance can be struck between paying the players fair value and managing a salary cap that isn’t expected to go up by much, if at all.

The Patriots were able to pull that off, getting guys to take less while winning three Super Bowls in four years.  If the Ravens hope to remain successful, they’ll need to do the same thing — starting with the new leader of the team, who’s in position to leverage the franchise into a contract averaging $20 million per year.

Though Joe Flacco won a Super Bowl and the MVP award that went along with it, it was the team’s defense that held (some would say literally) the 49ers out of the end zone at the conclusion of the game.  Without the Ravens having enough money to sign or keep quality players, the next five or six years for Flacco could be more about making money than chasing more championships.

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  1. Good luck signing all these people when mediocre Flacco eats up all the salary space. It’s the Ravens DEFENSE that has got them to the playoffs and won games each of the 5 seasons. This was the first time Flacco strung a few good games together in his career.

  2. As a Steelers fan, I think Ed Reed should go to the Patriots. Or take up fishing. Or something, just get out of the AFC North.

  3. Dolphins or Ravens… The Patriots talk is a ploy by parties interested in jacking up asking value. He has his ring. Now give him a fat retirement in his home town.

  4. The pimp life was O.K. for awhile, but he hated the hours. Up all night, trying to sleep during the day. The ladies always complaining about something or other…It’s not what it’s cut up to be.

  5. The ravens are up a creek on this one. They really need to get younger and cheaper real fast if they are going to stay competitive the next 5 years. They put it all out there the past couple years financially to win now its time for them to ride in the sunset. They have to cut Jacoby, let reed go, cut ladarius Webb, restructure suggs, and possibly cut boldin if they even want to think about resigning kruger and ellerbe.

  6. the team’s defense that held (some would say literally)

    Some people just can’t let it go………

    Florio you need to buy Jim Harbaugh an ice cream and calm him down.

    Now remember, even if it was a hold, which former VP of officiating Mike Pereira said “10 times out of 10 it should have been a no call”, and Crabtree caught that pass….. Ravens had 1:45 with all 3 timeouts to work with down 2 points depending on how the niners played it out. My best bet would be that the game would be far from over anyway, that is if the referees didn’t stay consistent and call the plays the same all game of course….which they did.

  7. The difference with the Patriots when they were winning their SBs is Brady wasn’t making 20 mil a year, nobody on the team was making that kind of scratch so it was much easier to sign guys to friendly team deals.

    The Ravens are going to lose some key FAs and one if them is probably Reed. There is a price to winning in the NFL and winning players’ get paid.

    Welcome to NE Mr. Reed. You are exactly what the Pats need to get get another ring.

  8. This dude has always been my favorite Raven. I know everyone around here loves Ray, but Ed has been my guy for a while now.

    I would root for him in a pats jersey, hell I’d root for him in a steelers jersey. It was great to see him finally get his ring.

  9. Bring him back because you need a new leader with slash gone. Beware that his body is about to betray him so spend wisely. Winning a Super Bowl brings its own set of problems are players willing to suck it up for the team like Brady and Big Ben or do they take the money and run…should be interesting to watch

  10. As a Steeler fan I respect what Ed Reed has done over his career, but he’s clearly on the downside and I’m REALLY hoping the Ravens keep him around.

  11. Tough upcoming decisions to make that must be in the best interest of the team to continue to compete. With Suggs $13m cap and possibly Flacco at $20m you damage the team’s ability to compete, thus some serious maneuvering must occur starting with Suggs. Flacco at $20m means we become an average team. In the best interest of the team and it’s future we’ll find out who’s interested in competing or getting paid. Very tough decisions for Steve and the Oz!! But right now, we’re the champions for the next 360+ days!!!!

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