Chris Rainey passes through waivers unclaimed

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Chris Rainey, the 2012 fifth-round draft pick who showed promise as a rookie with the Steelers but was sent packing after the latest in a long line of off-field issues, has passed through the NFL’s waiver wire unclaimed.

All 31 other teams could have picked up Rainey today after the Steelers put him on waivers Monday, but apparently no team wants anything to do with a guy who was known as a character risk heading into last year’s draft and was accused of slapping his girlfriend last month.

Now Rainey becomes an unrestricted free agent, and despite his off-field problems, his odds of getting some team to sign him to a minimum-salary contract and put him on a 90-man offseason roster are reasonably good: Rainey does have talent, and he was the Steelers’ primary kickoff returner last season while also getting some playing time at running back.

So Rainey may have a future in the NFL. But at the moment, his future is uncertain.

12 responses to “Chris Rainey passes through waivers unclaimed

  1. You mean no one wants this fine outstanding citizen of society who also happens to be a good football player. Weird.

  2. This guy really needs to show the league he is working on fixing himself. He needs to involve himself in some sort of program or therapy that has a reputation for being than just a “show”.

  3. I see him as a compliment to Marshawn Lynch in Seattle.

    However Chris Rainey will have to step up his game off the field if he is going to keep up Lynch.

  4. All teams should stand united, if you are a dirt bag, no team should give you a second chance.

    Be a good teammate, be a good citizen, be a decent person… are you listening Titus Young, shame on the Rams

  5. Since he will be a free agent, the best place for him to go would be Philly. Everyone deserves a second chance and based upon the offense that will be installed there, he would be a good DeAnthony Thomas type player; a Swiss Army knife being used in the run, pass and kick return game. He’s got to earn it though. His rep is trash right now and it can’t be fixed with apologies and tweets; he’s got to quietly put his head down and dedicate himself to working towards being a professional in all phases of his life.

  6. Here’s a guy who had a lot of potential to be another Darren Sproles: small, fast, quick, shifty, good hands. He would have been a great role player if not for his personal issues which have already killed his career.

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