Jacoby Jones hopes to retire a Raven


After he was abruptly and unceremoniously cut by the Texans on May 1, receiver/kick returner Jacoby Jones found a new home in Baltimore.  Now, after playing an indispensable role in the Ravens’ Super bowl win, Jones hopes it’s permanent.

I want to retire here,” Jones said during an appearance Wednesday, via the Baltimore Sun.

But the man who landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated and who could have been named Super Bowl XLVII MVP realizes he’s a “role player” in Baltimore.  He soon could be playing the role of reducing his cap number for 2013.

While some have speculated that Jones could be cut (really?), the more likely reality is that Jones will receive a contract extension that would give him security while also creating cap space in the coming league year.  He’s due to receive a $1 million roster bonus in March, along with a $3 million base salary.

Whatever happens with his contract, it hopefully won’t cause internal bleeding.  Again.

“I had so much excitement after the game, I popped a blood vessel in my eyes,” Jones, who was wearing sunglasses, said Wednesday.  “That’s why I’m wearing shades.  My eyes are all red.  All I can say is, ‘Wow, and I want to do it again.'”

Ravens fans everywhere agree.

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  1. Great pick-up by Ozzie. Hope he sticks around for awhile. He said he was strongly considering carolina before visiting Bmore. Once he got to the Ravens he knew that’s the place he wanted to play and now looks like the place he wants to stay!

    Then again is there any place better than Baltimore:)

  2. A lot of Raven Fans hated this signing, but obviously it showed how good Ozzie is at his job. Last season their ST’s ranked close to the bottom of the league and it was an emphasis in the offseason and it certainly paid off signing Jacoby!

  3. Jacobyy been hanging out with Ricky Williams. Blood vessel popped….I’ll have to remember that one.

  4. Way to screw up Ozzie and not give flacco a contract before that super bowl run flacco made. Now you strapped the Ratbirds salary cap for years to come! He’s definity no Colbert that’s for sure. Could of got flacco earlier this year for about 13 million a year. Now It’s gonna cost you 20 million a year. Say hello to cap hell and 7-9 season for many years to come! I’m loci it!

  5. He seemed like a risky pickup after his performance against the Ravens in the playoffs last year. Sure paid off.

  6. Yes..for all the naysayers who predict doom for the Ravens. You completely ignore the “IT” factor. Players like Jones want to stay with the Ravens. Players like Leach, Pollard, come to Baltimore and take less money because they want to win in the playoffs.

    Every year it is the same thing…The Ravens lose very good players: Corey Redding, Jarret Johnson, Laron McClain, Kelly Gregg, Jason Brown, Ben Grubbs, etc. However, those players left for money. In return we get players who want to win Championships with fans that are crazy about football and the team.

    I guess you would have to be a Baltimore Raven fan to understand how this works.

  7. This has got to be bad news for Florio who is the Raven anti-cheerleader. He likes doom and gloom. Floria needs healing. He should write an article about Baltimore’s IT factor with free agents. Vontae Leach, Bernard Pollard, Jacoby Jones, Bryant McKinnie…no way we win as we have with out them.

    Cleveland is the opposite. They have something that rhymes with “it” factor.

  8. Once again, a big Baltimore thank you to the Houston Texans, for giving up on so many key players (Bernard Pollard, Vonta Leach, Jacoby Jones) that helped make our championship possible.

  9. because if anyone knows what a franchise in decline looks like its a steeler fan. right bigben. you worry about the steelers freefall. the ravens and their fans will be celebrating our superbowl. go ravens!!

  10. As a New Orleanian you couldn’t be happier for Jacoby. He found where he belongs. As a person who resides in Houston and listens to the hate ppl have here for him. You didn’t use him correctly or put him in a position to thrive. Too bad so sad. How is it everybody that plays f or the Texans and gets cut goes elsewhere and thrives? its really not the players its the coaching and the fans. Think twice before you try to burn jerseys at the next players house… he might leave to win a super bowl too.

  11. I’d like to see him on the team for a few more years. He is an outstanding kickoff returner and underrated as a receiver. I’d let Webb return the punts though, IMO I think Webb is the better punt returner.

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